115 Winthrop Square and Shadow Impact Presented at Residents Meeting [Video]

Responding to community concerns regarding its request for a Shadow Law exemption, Millennium Partners’ Principal Joe Larkin presented 115 Winthrop Square to the North End / Waterfront Residents’ Association (NEWRA). Replacing the city-owned vacant garage in downtown Boston, proponents are looking to build up to 775 feet tall with a mixed use concept of office, residential, retail, dining and below grade parking. The ground level at the base of the building would include a “Great Hall” of public space.

The current Shadow Law applies to Boston Common where “no new shadow” is allowable one hour after either sunrise or 7am or one hour before sunset. The proposed 115 Winthrop Square would cast a 1 hour, 30 minute shadow on its longest day with an average daily out of compliance duration of 36 minutes. The law would be violated on 264 days of the year on Boston Common and 120 days on the Public Garden.

The proponent showed timelapse videos of the shadow impact at various times of the year. Advance to 18:30 in the video at the top of this post to view the shadow timelapse.

For the North End / Waterfront group, Millennium’s Larkin showed the skyline view of the proposed tower looking from the Greenway.

Millennium Partners Joe Larkin Shows 115 Winthrop Square tower from the North End side of the Greenway

The proponent emphasized the city advantages to the development, including initial construction and 2,700 permanent jobs along with $12 million/year of tax revenue. Millennium is purchasing the city property for $153 million. Proceeds are earmarked for Boston Common improvements, affordable housing as well as to other city parks including Franklin Park and the Emerald Necklace. The property is expected to meet Platinum level for environmental certification.

Residents asked questions about the specifics of the Shadow Law exemption, precedents and other impacts of the project on the community. View the Q&A starting at 23:30 minute in the video at the top of the post.