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NEWRA Forms By-Laws Committee, Saving Trees, New Logo Effort

Here are the latest reports from the North End / Waterfront Residents Association (NEWRA) meeting, held on January 12, 2017. View full video coverage and a timeline below:

Video timeline:

 (Opening) President’s Report by Mary McGee:

  • Citing Jason Aluia’s great success with his efforts to save the North End Nursing Home, NEWRA is forming a by-laws committee, headed up by Jason Aluia who will chair the committee.
  • FOCCP is working to bring the fireworks back to the waterfront next year, more information to follow in the coming months (next FOCCP meeting is March 7th if interested).

(02:04) Treasurer’s Report

(02:51) Parks and Open Spaces Committee

  • Working with the Parks Department to design and install tree cages to the newly planted trees along the North End streets, fundraising efforts will soon be commencing.
  • Parks and Open Spaces will not host a February meeting, the next meeting will be March 7th (view community calendar).

(04:51) Zoning, Licensing & Construction Committee

  • Next meeting will be January 24, 2016 (view community calendar).
  • 173 Endicott Street, 5 story building proposal.
  • 266 Commercial Street, Verizon Wireless looking to install communication equipment.

(05:47) Volunteer Organization

  • NEWRA is looking for a volunteer who has an idea or design proposal for a new logo, please reach out to if interested.

(06:07) Public Safety Report

  • Public Safety Chair David Marx presented the latest crime reports from the latest meeting with Boston Police. David also followed up on a question about the 12/24/16, 11:00 am robbery that took place at Citizen’s Bank. The bank was robbed of $1,980 (in various denominations) after a white male, 5′ 9″, age 40’s to 50’s, handed a note to the teller. No weapons were used in the robbery. Details are included in his posted report.

One Reply to “NEWRA Forms By-Laws Committee, Saving Trees, New Logo Effort

  1. Saving trees that’s a laugh or a joke. We had beautiful trees in the Park on Foster Street which now is a dirty disgusting parking for cars, the trees were cut down they were healthy but some people didn’t think they were but they were. The trees where there for over 40 years and I saw them grow, saving trees NO that’s not what happen. Let’s face it nothing is like it use to be. Shame! and very sad. Trees purify the air, it helps with our dirty environment.

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