67 Years Ago: Great Brink’s Robbery in Boston’s North End

On January 17, 1950, the Great Brink’s Robbery took place in Boston’s North End at the corner of Commercial and Prince Streets. Still known today as the “Brink’s Garage,” the property marks where $1,218,211.29 in cash and $1,557,183.83 in checks, money orders, and other securities were taken in the “crime of the century” and the largest robbery at the time. Read more at Wikipedia.

3 Replies to “67 Years Ago: Great Brink’s Robbery in Boston’s North End

  1. Everyone is probably familiar with the Peter Falk film “The Brinks job” but does anyone remember a film called” 6 bridges to cross” starring Tony Curtis that was filmed in the NE? Sal Mineo played the younger Curtis character named Jerry Florio.

  2. Yes Michael, I do. Because Boston is essentially an Island and the police closed all six bridge exits in order to prevent a successful escape.Great movie.

  3. Hard to believe that it has been 67 years ago. At the time I was deployed with the military (USMC) and my wife, (girlfriend at the time) was stopped by the FBI, the next day, while visiting my parents on Snow Hill Street. She was, walking up Hull Street from Salem Street where she lived at the time. No doubt they were stopping/questioning everyone in the area for days after. As a resident of the area, many of us did not know that there was a Brinks Counting facility located within the North Terminal Garage. In fact my parents would go in on the ground floor to use one of the very few public telephones , in the area, many times.

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