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Local Protests Erupt Against Trump Immigration Order

Last weekend, it was the Women’s March and this Sunday thousands of protesters once again turned to the streets (and airports) to rile against President Trump’s immigration order to ban U.S. entry from seven Muslim countries. Here are some scenes from Copley Square, Logan Airport and other local reactions.

Not this time

23 Replies to “Local Protests Erupt Against Trump Immigration Order

  1. Mayor Walsh does not tell the voters that a full 25% of the Boston City Budget goes to support the illegal immigrants==school, medicade, housing, ppolice—-on and on

    If you tried this in their countries you would be jailed and sent back…………….

  2. Let’s hope Mayor Walsh can control terrorists better than he can rats and trash collection without the help of federal funds and the aid of tax payers every where.

    Fact is, that the constitution does not infer rights to non-citizens. 14th amendment only applies to US citizens which are people that are born here or have gone through the process of naturalization. It does not cover people in other countries and US citizens traveling to other countries cannot expect that their rights as a US citizen travel with them.

    Congress makes the laws that cover the naturalization process. The President can ask Congress to make and pass laws that implement his orders. Congress can and has in the past, passed laws that bar entry, trade, travel to and from and even prevent Americans from facilitating trade with certain countries, particularly and most recently the terrorist 7. Obama’s unilateral act of banning trade with Russia was Constitutionally questionable. The Patriot Act is Constitutionally questionable, but has been ratified by Congress time and again, because the majority of Americans feel that it protects them. I don’t believe that Mayor Walsh knows the Constitution well enough to make his comments. The City of Boston depends a lot on other US taxpayers, it doesn’t appear that he has thought this through either. He should concentrate on clean streets and a clean city. This is what he was elected to control. Let him run for Congress or the Senate if he wants to be involved with national and foreign politics.

    Be a good mayor first, forget about foreign policy.

  3. First, Mr. Brown – please show facts that back up your claim that a full 25% of the Boston city budget goes to support illegal immigrants…..I sincerely doubt that that is the case.
    Also, especially from a news source that is based in the North end of Boston – home to immigrants of all stripes for generations, I cannot believe that anyone living here or reading this could be so blasé about what is a clear violation of the constitution – a document so revered when it comes to the second amendment, but not so much when the other parts get in the way of racial biases…..

    1. Haven’t inspected the most recent CoB budget, but I do recall that the 2010 Census showed a population decline in the City. This means less availability to Federal funds. Mayor Mennino asked for and got an additional 5% consideration making the case that at least 5% of the City’s population wasn’t accounted for because they were illegal aliens. He won his case and the population in Boston was revised to include illegals. I’m sure that the answer to your question isn’t zero. Also, current Mayor Walsh claims that he will house all illegals in City Hall. If the former Mayor was correct that will make the Boston City Hall the most densely populated slum in the world. If President Trump makes off the cuff comments, he seems to have met his equal and opposite match here. I don’t think the Mayor can make good on his promises without throwing the rest of the City under the bus.

      I’m not sure what you mean about the Constitution and the amendment that pertains to immigration? The Constitution doesn’t state that every foreigner is a candidate for naturalization. Congress has the right to set limits and enact laws. Currently the President is invoking national policy to delay 120 days immigration, enabling Congress the time to create the “vetting” laws. Congress has the right to act against specific countries. I frequently used to have to sign a compliance agreement which was mandated by law that I would not enable or assist a list of certain terrorist sponsoring countries in exchanging their monies, even if the trading was done between offshore entities. The agreement limited my travel to. Violation of the agreement was jail time and I was assured that it would be more than 30 days in the county.

      Lastly the Constitution is lousy when it comes to racial bias. It states that slaves were counted three-fifths of a person and no vote. You can assume that a person meant white. This wasn’t corrected until the 15th Amendment and of course, the 1st Amendment enabled racial bias. Took a while to work this one out.

  4. Good news for Elizabeth Warren. American Indians are considered naturalized citizens. She’s in … and even allowed to run for President. I’m pretty sure she is much beyond 38.

  5. Whether this law is legal or unconstitutional will be decided by the courts but the claim that this law makes the country safe is bogus.We handed the bad guys a recruitment tool have created more would be terrorists because we have declared war on Islam.

    1. This isn’t law, but an executive order. This is not permanent, but provides Congress time to make law. The terrorist recruitment tool is mess slaughter, which makes terrorists marters and makes them heros to the degenerates in these nations. Being cowardly towards them is insperation. Being able to move at-will proves their feeling that we are stupid infidels that they can slaughter like animals. The countries in the ban are in state of near anarchy and no control. They are ripe growth areas for terrorists. Yemen is headquarters for al Queita. Sudan has been part of the Axis Of Terror group for 15 years and we still can’t trade with them. Travel to Iran and you must be stupid anyway. Everyone that goes there ends up in jail and calling the State Department to get them out.

      The countries named in the executive order are in disarray and have been terrorist hotbeds for quite some time. This is not new news. Now that we have a new administration we can use the term, Islamic Terrorism. Back when the Marathon bombers jacked the car from the man in Cambridge who convinced them that he was sudent from China, they told him straight out that they were Muslims who wanted to kill Americans. Successfully killing Americans is their recruiting tool. The ability to spread fear and make people submit rather than act is their recruiting tool. Incidents as in Paris, where they attack civilians is their recruiting tool.

      1. The WH press secretary mentioned the families of the victims of the Marathon bombing & the San Bernardino attack but failed to point out that one of the Marathon bombers was born in a Russian Republic the other in Cambridge the San Bernardino shooter was born in California his wife born in Pakistan the Orlando shooter was born in Queens NY the Fort Lauderdale airport shooter was born in the US. the killer who killed 6 people at the Mosque the other day was born in Canada.So these people are being recruited. We invade & occupy Iraq under false pretenses destroy their economy & way of life kill thousands of innocent civilians in bombings & wonder why some of these people hate us?

        1. Let’s face it, the truth is that they hate us because we back Israel and they perceive that the this country is run by Jews, whom they hate bitterly. You know that. Iraq occurred after the WTC attack and Iraq would have made the list even if Saddam Hussein were still in power. You have made a case for Trump on a Muslim ban entirely. Anything short of abandoning Israel and becoming Nazis is not going to change their hatred of Americans.

  6. t mobile: Elizabeth Warren is not an American Indian. Do your homework before you publish.
    It is a myth, according to her and other politicians.

    1. A myth that she created while she was being considered for Harvard’s teaching position. That is a fact and documented. She is a liar and pretty much a laughing stock to the rest of the nation. I wish she had run for President. That would have been fun to watch.

  7. JD I just read the CNN article. Thank you for the link. There exists discrepancies throughout, along with the impression that Senator Warren used her ‘1/3 American Indian’ whenever it behooved her (Harvard, etc.) On the plus side, she is a fighter and intelligent…the nation benefits from her initiative.

    1. So there, JD did his homework, happy now. Confirmed: she is a liar. If I went out on the street and asked 10 people “Who is the Fake Indian?” I bet I would get 10 answers, all the same. If this were purely slander, I bet she would have sued Howe Carr 100 times by now. I think that is about the number of times he uses the term during an average broadcast. She hasn’t done much other than complain in her days in the Senate. I think her biggest issue is that she can’t get critical backing from within here own party. Republicans merely laugh at her. If she were less awkward, they might find a spot for her on SNL. Otherwise, people (even from California) have asked me, “What the hell is going on in Massachusetts?”. I tell them that between Warren and Mennino (now Walsh), we are the comedy capitol of the country.

      1. After Bernie, Warren is the best hope us progressives. The Indian brouhaha is a distraction, who really cares. Any politician has something they “lied” about.

        Warren perfectly expresses the fury that people feel against a rigged system that rewards the 1% more than anyone else. That is what will continue to happen over the next 4 years.

        Her questioning of the Education Secretary was skillful and now we know what we are getting, lots of empty suits who will just do what Trump tweets without question. Wake me up for the impeachment hearings.

  8. The Democratic party needs to rebuild & rebuild in a hurry.They have lost the House,the Senate & have now completed the trifecta by doing the impossible losing the Presidential election to a reality TV host hustler.The answer to their problems is not Elizabeth Warren or Corey Booker.

  9. They hate us because the US wants to be the policeman of the world.The idea that the “mighty US” could turn middle East countries into democracies was insane.At least Obama was smart enough to stay out Syria after his mistake of listening to SOS Clinton & getting involved with Libya.They hate us because of Reagan encouraging Afghanistan to fight the Russians than leaving the country in rubble & walking away.Saddam was “our friend” we welcomed Bin Laden to lead the fight against the Russians result? the Taliban & Al qaeda.

    1. Obama wasn’t smart enough to stay out of Syria, he was forced to stay out by Congress because they weren’t sure that all the Syrian rebels weren’t affiliated with al Queita. Fact is they were worse. Our involvement in the middle east is based on dependence on oil and backing of Israel since it became a state. Terrorism moved to this shore starting with the assination of Robert Kennedy. It progressed as the succesive Israeli wars frusterated and humiliated the Arib armies. As more money flowed to the Arab monarhies and despots, it depended the devide in most cases. The governments controled the money and dispenced as it pleased. Our national policy since WWII has been a stable middle east. Initially it was to open the flow of arms and supplies to Russia and rid the world of many Arab leaders who supported the Nazis (British Inteligence accually carried out the dirty work of getting rid of Mozzadec.). Despite the billions that flow into the middle east, there is still massive poverty and ignorence.

      History aside, the nations named in the executive order are known supporters of terrorists and provide refuge and training grounds to terrorists. Many terrorists travel to one of these for training before commiting their acts. This has been known by the administration for quite some time now and the intelligence was gathered by the prior administration. The question has been what to do? Current President has made his choice and doesn’t appear to be bound by what people percieve is politically correct, rather practically correct. I think he would agree with you that we don’t need to be policemen to the world , but have to be better police at home.

      Recent involvement in the middle east have been driven by the 9-11 attacks on civlilian targets in NY and government offices in Washington. All those terrorists were trained in Afghanistan and took advantage of serious lapses in our visa control. We are actaully in that state again. H1B visas are at least 10 times over the cap and the governent had stated this even before the new administration moved in. Most come from India which has found ways to exploit the lapses, but isn’t perceived to be hostile to the US. This has become secondary to the real issue, illegal immigration.

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