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Demolition Delay Meeting Set for Cross Street Buildings on February 7th

Cross Street buildings are set for demolition and redevelopment by property owner, Charter Realty. (NEWF image)


Article 85 Demolition Delay
198 Hanover St. / 60 Cross St. / 53 Salem St.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017
7:00 p.m.

Nazzaro Community Center
30 N. Bennet Street

This community meeting on February 7th is being held as part of an Article 85 Demolition Delay application to demolish the buildings at 198 Hanover St, 60 Cross St, and 53 Salem St, Boston, MA. The purpose of this meeting is to inform the community about the proposed demolition and to present alternatives to the demolition. All interested parties are welcome to attend, and will have the opportunity to comment and ask questions.

This community meeting DOES NOT take the place of the Boston Landmarks Commission (BLC) public hearing which will be held on February 14th, 2017. All interested parties are encouraged to attend the BLC public hearing to express their views on the proposed demolition, or to submit written comments to the BLC if they are unable to attend. Please submit written comments by the hearing date to: Boston Landmarks Commission, Boston City Hall, Room 709, 1 City Hall Square , Boston, MA 0 2201, or fax to 617-635-3435, or email a PDF with signature to:

If you have any questions regarding the February 7th, 2017 community meeting, please contact Maria Lanza, North End Liaison, Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Services at (617) 635 -4987 or

9 Replies to “Demolition Delay Meeting Set for Cross Street Buildings on February 7th

  1. Are you people kidding me demolish why don’t you just demolish the rest of the north end. It really is awful what is being done to the North End. Just terrible. I know times have changed but this is just a little bit to much.

  2. these were just built/renovated a few years ago from the old liquor store, and never had any success. Please demolish as quickly as possible. Anything is better than what is currently there.

  3. Are the buildings per se the problem, or the businesses that rented the spaces?
    If the row is demolished, chances are a more elaborate, higher, structure will be built. This may give an impression of a wall….walling us in and walling others out. The site of the building serves as an entrance of sorts to the North End. We can’t jeopardize this welcome mat to our neighborhood.

    1. None. I just gave her information that was already published that she probably never saw. Who are you and why the hell are you asking me if I have anything to do with the proposal?

  4. Calling anything a wall is hyperbole. That whole section is a nasty scar left over from a botched car surgery in 1957. Build out the whole parcel 5 stories tall and begin the healing.

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