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Mostly Peaceful Weekend Protests Turn Ugly Sunday Night

Thousands of protestors marched in mostly peaceful protests over the weekend joining in the nationwide calls for justice after the death of George Floyd. Shortly after 9pm on Sunday night, protesters and police began to clash in the Downtown Crossing, and then continuing toward the Boston Common, Chinatown and Back Bay areas.

Chaos reigned on the streets until the early hours of Monday morning with extensive looting, smashed windows and rioting resulted in the National Guard being called in to restore order. Officials report 53 arrests, 8 hospitalized police officers along with 18 others.


5 Replies to “Mostly Peaceful Weekend Protests Turn Ugly Sunday Night

  1. That looks like the Wild Duck on Washington Street. It’s not the Salem Street store. Sad in any case.

    1. NickM Yes I actually first thought it was the Golden Goose but then yes it was Washington Street. The North End would not tolerate any of that looting never.

  2. I wish they would publish the name and addresses of all these vandals. I used to live in one of the cities where they had riots in the 60s. Twenty years later 2 out of every 3 store fronts were boarded up. Same as what I heard after Ferguson, MO, where they asked the same questions; “Who were those guys?”. They weren’t our friends, they weren’t our neighbors. They are just losers who came to rape and pillage, then left. The people worse affected were the people who lived there. I had a girlfriend later who wouldn’t come to my place because her father, who was a cop, had his partner murdered across the street A lot of people wouldn’t come to my place, because after 20 years they thought it was dangerous. The businesses collected their insurance and left. The people who lived there were the victims. Where you once could walk to work, you needed car. Only one grocery store, fortunately near whereI lived, otherwise you would need a car to get to the grocery. These looters serve no one but themselves.

  3. T, I agree with you.All the goodwill and the support & message that the peaceful protesters gained was lost by the actions of some.They tarnished and disrespected the memory of George Floyd I’ll go a step further , the vandals/looters have their own agenda and don’t give a rats — about George Floyd or his family who pleaded earlier in the day for the violence to end.

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