Community Government

Protest Signs Greet Mayor at North End / Waterfront Coffee Hour

Mayor Marty Walsh speaks to North End / Waterfront residents at his annual coffee hour held at Christopher Columbus Park

Citywide media were on the scene for the latest City Hall employee indictment, but North End / Waterfront residents tried to get the Mayor’s attention on several community issues at Wednesday’s coffee hour. Neighbors came out in force to protest the closing of the North End Nursing Home and to stop the proposed developments at Harbor Garage and Lewis Wharf. Armed with signs, over one hundred residents showed up to see the Mayor at Christopher Columbus Park. Walsh made some general remarks and spoke individually to dozens of people. A suggestion box was also available that will go back to City Hall.

Three main issues were displayed on the protest signs:

  • Save Our North End Nursing Home – residents are asking the Mayor to intercede and stop Partners Healthcare from closing and selling the Spaulding Rehab & Nursing Center (view articles)
  • No Lewis Wharf Hotel – Save the North End Waterfront is a resident-driven effort to fight the proposed Lewis Wharf Hotel on the North End waterfront. (view articles)
  • Harbor Garage (200 feet ‘yes’, 600 feet ‘no’) signs referred to proposed change in zoning as part of the Downtown Municipal Harbor Plan. The change would potentially support a tower proposal by the Chiofaro Company at the Aquarium Garage.

Without making any commitments, Walsh emphasized that these issues are all going through a process and the development projects have yet to be permitted.  The activist groups also gathered petition signatures to further their cause.

On the friendlier side of the coffee hour, residents received flowering plants, Dunkin’ Donuts coffee and fresh fruit from Whole Food Market. The FOCCP horticulture group also showed the Mayor their latest work at the blooming rose garden in the park.