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Optical Illusion Art Exhibit Coming in 2017 to Greenway’s North End Park

Greenway Conservancy Executive Director, Jesse Brackenbury, and Public Art Curator, Lucas Cowen, gave an update last week to the North End / Waterfront Residents’ Association (NEWRA).

Cowen presented plans for a 2017 public art exhibit on the North End Parks on the Greenway at Parcel 10, across from the Boston Public Market building. The North End installation is part of a series of exhibits scheduled for the Greenway in 2017. The series concept is “playful perceptions” with pieces from three different artists.

Created by artist Meredith James, the irregularly shaped trapezoidal display will appear as a painted garden. But, when a viewer looks through a camera opening, an optical illusion will create distorted shapes of people. An actual hanging garden will help blend in the 22′ x 9′ x 12′  exhibit into the greenspace of the parcel.  The augmented reality exhibit is temporary and would be installed in late May 2017 with a six month exhibition period. The commissioned artwork will cost ~$50,000 and is being privately funded by donations to the Greenway Conservancy.

Ed: The audio is very poor in the video due to bad acoustics in the Nazzaro gymnasium. The Greenway public art exhibit was also presented at the Neighborhood Council. That video can be found here.