Neighborhood Council Committee Reports: COVID-19, Greenway, RUFF Updates

The North End/ Waterfront Neighborhood Council (NEWNC) November 2020 meeting started with a series of notable reports and updates, summarized below.

Brett Roman, NEWNC President’s Report:

NEWNC is currently planning another joint meeting with the North End/ Waterfront Residents’ Association (NEWRA) in December. The date and time will be confirmed shortly.

Members were reminded that NEWRA will be meeting on Thursday, November 12th at 7pm via Zoom. To join the meeting, visit the Zoom link here. The MBTA is expected to attend to provide updates regarding their upcoming reduced services.

The North End Clean Streets will not have another meeting until 2021. If there are any questions or concerns, you can contact them at

John Romano, Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Services

The City of Boston has experienced an increase in COVID-19 testing with less individuals testing positive with a 7.2% positive testing rate, down from an 8% positive testing rate. Residents are encouraged to continue getting tested as upcoming holidays approach in which people typically gather. Information regarding testing locations can be found here.

Testing at the North End/ Waterfront Health clinic operates two days a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:30am-12pm, by appointment only. Boston coronavirus guidelines limits a gathering of twenty-five people indoors and fifty individual people outdoors.

The Climate Ready Downtown and North End report has been released which details the expected impacts of climate change to the areas and how to combat them.

The Boston Art Commission (BAC) is currently planning a community process with an Impact Advisory Group (IAG) in order to move forward with decisions regarding the Christopher Columbus statue.

Committee Reports

Greenway Committee: The Greenway Conservancy’s Executive Director, Jesse Brackenbury, will be leaving in April to become CEO of the Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation in New York. The Greenway is currently searching for a new Executive Director to fill the vacancy.

The Greenway Carousel will be open on the upcoming Veteran’s Day on Wednesday, November 11th from 11am-7pm. The Farmer’s Market on Dewey Square will continue running until Tuesday, November 17th. Trillium and the Greenway Open Market has closed for the season.

There will be a webinar on Thursday, December 10th from 1-2pm that will discuss public art in the age of COVID-19. To register for the event, visit here.

Responsible Urbanites for Fido (RUFF) Liaison: Face masks are required in the dog parks at all times. The parks are also in the middle of winterization and water has been cut off until the Spring. Owners are reminded to continue cleaning up after their dogs. All dogs must remain on-leash until they are within the park.

The Richmond Street dog run has a new fence as well as ground cover and bench repairs. RUFF expects to provide further updates in the Spring regarding fence beautification.

RUFF has announced their 3rd Annual Month of Giving for November. The organization has partnered with PolkaDog Bakery to support the non-profit rescue organization Last Hope K9. Donations can be dropped off at PolkaDog (57 Salem Street). More information about this event as well as further updates from RUFF can be found here or by visiting their website.

Resident Parking/Traffic Committee: Residents with parking permits that expired for November 2020 have automatically been renewed through November 2022.

Public Health Committee: Testing data from the North End/ Waterfront Health clinic from June 30th-October 23rd indicates that approximately 1800+ tests were administered.

The Great American Smokeout is on Thursday, November 19th, which encourages individuals to take their first step toward quitting smoking. This month is also Alzheimer’s Awareness Month and American Diabetes Month.

Watch the full meeting recording.

9 Replies to “Neighborhood Council Committee Reports: COVID-19, Greenway, RUFF Updates

  1. 1800 + tests amazing! I assume the positive results are low there’s no more COVID-19 weekly update so idk how many cases specifically in the NE and the downtown neighborhoods. Still low ofc ?

    1. The majority of the people who are testing positive are between the age 20 – 30.Some states are seeing a surge in cases still have not imposed a mask mandate. I guess they apparently still think the pandemic is a ” hoax”

      1. Less of a hoax, but they haven’t found a way to enforce the mandate. I’ve been in states that have mandates, fines and threaten jail (doubt if that’s even constitutional). Lots of people still do not wear masks and even throw a nutty if asked. Your friend Rollins is letting go thieves, drug dealers, sexual offender, etc. How do you think she would handle mask non-compliance? I have gone into highway rest areas and roadside gas stores, very little compliance anywhere. Signs are on the doors and they are routinely ignored. These places are miles from nowhere and there are no cops.

        1. T, Im not a lawyer nor do I play one on TV but I think in a health emergency they can fine you for mask noncompliance . Seems that someone would have challenged the issue in court. If they can fine a person for not wearing a seatbelt or texting or speaking on a phone than I would assume that they can fine a person for not wearing a mask. As always the question is are they enforcing the fines? I haven’t seen it .

          1. The anecdotal claims coming from members of the CDC says the spike is coming from small gatherings that have moved inside. With schools back in session, students tend to spread it to their peers and to anyone around them, such as their parents. However, their parents a equally guilty of going to seasonal parties. Drinking starts and the masks come off, the next thing is a little light headed and the tendency to over talk someone else then before you know it they are spewing their lungs out. The small gathering turns into a super spreader event. Their is little evidence that someone walking down the street is likely to contract corona virus, as the same outfit claims a prolonged exposure makes the spread more likely. Businesses I have seen do everything they can to prevent the spread and have it attributed to them. The issues is controlling their patrons. In normal times, how many times have you see someone have too much and start acting like an idiot … in public? CDC is saying that people now tend to get a little more irrational. The solution is governmental, it’s individual. Wear mask and limit your direct contact with other people. The distribution of the Pfizer vaccine exceeded expectations during its trial. 90% effective. Dosages hope to be available in December. Logistics are the issue currently. First dosages expect to go to medical workers, elderly and high risk health problem cases. Beyond that, general distribution is expected to appear in the Spring, some are saying April.

  2. I’m embarrassed honestly as someone who just turned 22 a few weeks ago our age range and generation is stupid ok we may be at low risk but our elders, grandparents, old timers, that’s why they see us as immature not all but most. Crazy a surgery said that young people 18-24 I believe only said COVID is 13 % their concern. The Economy was above it for us that’s why the economy is struggling COVID.

    1. CM, the state has just reached TEN THOUSAND Covoid related deaths. I know that many people are considering not celebrating the Thanksgiving & Christmas this year. Your right about young people infecting parents, grandparents and the high risk groups seniors in particular. On CNN I watched a story about a nurse who looked like she just worked a shift in a coal mine.She was emotionally & physically spent.She said that she just gave CPR to a Covoid paitent. She said ” If I have to wear a mask for a 12 hour shift treating paitents in a Covoid unit people can wear a mask to go to a supermarket!”

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