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Nursing Home Hearing Set at City Hall on Tuesday, September 13th; Public Invited to Testify

North End Nursing Home (Spaulding Rehabilitation & Nursing Center) located at the corner of Richmond and Fulton Streets in Boston’s North End (NEWF image)

City Councilor Sal LaMattina will be holding a public hearing regarding the North End Nursing Home on this coming Tuesday, September 13 at 6pm. The hearing will be held at Boston City Hall in the Council Chamber on 5th Floor.

Boston Redevelopment Authority is expected to participate regarding the property status of the nursing home under the current Land Disposition Agreement (LDA).

Partners Healthcare has also been invited to testify at the hearing.

Partners recently announced its intention to close the facility and merge existing residents to a facility in Brighton.

The public is invited to testify at this hearing. If you wish to speak, it is suggested that you come 15 minutes early and sign in at the entrance. Speakers will be called up in order of sign-in.

3 Replies to “Nursing Home Hearing Set at City Hall on Tuesday, September 13th; Public Invited to Testify

  1. Great opportunity for North End residents to take a stand. It’ll be interesting to see how many NIMBY phonies from “Save the North End Waterfront” show up! I wonder if it’s close enough to the “Waterfront” for any of them to care.

    1. This is a time for the neighborhood to come together not for people like you to call people names because you disagree with their desire to block a hotel from being built on the waterfront.

  2. I hope & pray to God all these Signatures we got were not done in vain. I am constantly hearing this is a done deal, if this is so,
    The City is insulting our intelligence once again. I hope I am W R O N G. The City certainly does not need the $30 million that
    was suppose to be offered for this particular location. We are now being surrounded by High Rise Bldgs., and we need a Nursing Home &
    Rehab more than another Condo or Apt. Complex. I don’t think we should be left in the Dark, but there doesn’t seem to be that
    much Transparency here.

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