District 1 City Council Candidate Interview: John Ribeiro, Jr.

In this series, profiles each of the three candidates running to be District 1 City Councilor. (See Incumbent Sal LaMattina Faces Two Challengers in Upcoming Election for District 1 City Councilor.) District 1 includes the North End, Charlestown and East Boston. All three candidates reside in East Boston.

Each candidate was asked the same five questions, all having to do with local concerns and issues. The Primary Election is next Tuesday, September 24th. For information on your voting location, please visit our voting information page.

John Ribeiro, Jr.

John Ribeiro, Jr. speaking in the North End

1) In several respects, trash continues to be an ongoing issue. What can you do as a city councilor to help harness this problem?
“We need to do ongoing cleaning throughout the week, getting the trash out cleanly and often. We need to take care of all of our neighborhoods, it effects public health. We cant just shovel things from one end to the other, we have such an historical community here and we need to keep it clean.”

2) What are your plans with Community Development, regarding schools and housing?
“We have to address schools, one of the best ways to decrease crime is to improve our schools. It would be great to have a relationship between our community and our schools. It’s important to leave options for trade schools and those who wants to pursue a college career.”

3) Do you support casino gambling? Where is the best location for the residents of District 1?
“I do not support casino gambling here in Boston,” said the 74 year old retired Probation officer. “It demoralizes our local businesses,  casinos bring crime and it can really have a negative impact on a community. I have experience working with mental health and a casino breeds addictive gambling. If people want to go to a casino it should be a day trip, not a short walk.”

4) How do you currently feel about the amount of liquor licenses in the North End / Waterfront area? Should more alcohol licenses been admitted?
“In the North End / Waterfront area we have plenty of liquor licenses, not that I am against alcohol, I just feel like we need to diversify our businesses. There needs to be open spaces for grocery stores and specialty shops. Diversity of shops like this bring a local flavor and also increase the quality of life in our neighborhoods.”

5) What are your plans to deal with late night public safety and loud noise concerns in the North End?
“I would strongly enforce the noise curfew here in our city. I feel like the North End is an extension of dorms for some of these colleges. It’s a small neighborhood and we need a local police officer on foot, submerged in the local community and the local people. A good relationship between community police and local residents is something everybody benefits from.”

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