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North End Exempt from BYOB Policy

A Bring Your Own Bottle (BYOB) ordinance that would allow diners to take their own liquor into eateries in several community restaurants has been passed in the Boston City Council.

“Because the North End has so many restaurants and licenses, the new measure will not apply in that neighborhood,” according to City Councilor Sal LaMattina whose district includes the area.

Still other neighborhood small restaurants without liquor license will be allowed to open their doors to BYOB.

Concerns were raised that allowing BYOB to unlicensed eateries could inadvertently harm some of the neighborhoods the ordinance aims to please. Councilor Ayanna Pressley noted at a public hearing.

Co-sponsor of the ordinance Councilor Michele Wu claimed the “Goal is to give a jumpstart to small restaurants,” in an article published in the Herald.

The Boston Licensing Board, which must approve the policy, insisted on stringent regulations for which they would be responsible.

Apparently, the Massachusetts Restaurants believes BYOB will work if it is limited to certain neighborhoods.

4 Replies to “North End Exempt from BYOB Policy

  1. I would like to see this BYOB in every restaurant in the neighborhood. They all got a little too greedy
    for my liking. The average drink in the North End is $12 – $15, the average bottle of liquor is in &
    around $30, and usually there are 28 shots to a bottle. The money is & always has been in liquor.`
    I think this is a great way to shake up the restaurant business. I have seen people sneak in their
    own liquor in restaurants & at these prices, I can see why. I think I will start sneaking nips into all the restaurants. Imagine 3 drinks at $15 = $45. Highway robbery without a gun.

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