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Battery Wharf Hotel Ownership Change & Live Entertainment License

Battery Wharf Hotel continues to work through license issues as a result of its ownership change from the Fairmont to Westmont Hospitality Group. A representative appeared this week before the North End / Waterfront Neighborhood Council (NEWNC) that decided to defer voting until Westwood’s attorney could be present to clarify the application.

Westmont is looking to change its hotel/restaurant use to the current owner’s name which requires Zoning Board of Appeal approval. That will enable the Inspectional Services Department (ISD) to add “live entertainment” to the Certificate of Occupancy which can then be issued by the Mayor’s Office of Consumer Affairs.

Neighbor questions about the proposed expansion of live entertainment have led the company to drop the Leader Lounge, Building #5, from the request. This is the building closest to Lincoln and Burroughs Wharves. The current request is consistent with past operations to have indoor live entertainment for its function rooms and main lobby/bar.

There are no plans for outdoor live entertainment in the license, according to the Attorney Joe Devlin. In the past, the Fairmont has received special permits for outdoor events.

The application is expected to be presented again during the August/September neighborhood meetings.