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BOS:311 App Works Really Well

Last week, using the BOS:311 app on my phone, I reported this unsightly graffiti. I am pleased to report that not even four days later, I looked out to see a young man scrubbing that graffiti off the building.

I’d like to encourage North End residents to download the BOS:311 cell phone App.  It DOES work.  The city of Boston DOES respond.  With the tools, “we can be the change we wish to see in the world,” as Mahatma Gandhi is quoted as saying.

You can find the BOS:311 app at

2 Replies to “BOS:311 App Works Really Well

  1. I would like to add my own endorsement of the 311 App to Tommye’s above recommendation. You can use it to report everything from litter & trash to broken street lights and potholes. Even if you don’t have a smart phone with internet access, you can simply dial 311 to reach the Mayor’s hotline, 24 hours a day. Depending on the nature of the complaint, response times are typically just 1 to 3 days. Of course, the 311 App/Hotline is meant for non-emergencies. For more urgent safety issues and criminal activity, people should still call 911.

  2. I absolutely agree. I’ve used it to report playground fixtures in need of repair, broken crosswalk signals and out of order pay bathrooms at the ballfields. All of the issues were successfully resolved. It’s a decent little app and a great service that’s available to us as residents.

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