State Budget Focuses on Early Education, Recovery & Homelessness; North End Receives Earmarks

News from the Massachusetts State House
News from the Massachusetts State House

The Massachusetts House of Representatives approved the state’s $39.5 billion budget last week. Focus programs in the budget include enhanced support for early education and programs for those battling addition and homelessness.

Funding was expanded for Kindergarten Expansion Grants with additional local aid to cities and towns by $15 million. Funding was also increased for public schools by $106 million.

In the North End / Waterfront area, a news release by State Representative Aaron Michlewitz noted local initiatives such as $125,000 for the North End / Waterfront Health Center toward substance abuse programs and $50,000 for the ABCD North End / West End Neighborhood Service Center for senior programming. In addition, the Saint Francis House homeless shelter was granted $100,000 for their successful job training program, Moving Ahead.

“Whether it’s assisting underserved populations in developing the skills they need to get a job, helping people in the area get substance abuse treatment, or assisting the seniors of our community, these programs will strengthen both the district and the Commonwealth as a whole,” said Representative Michlewitz.

The State Senate will debate the budget in the next month before it goes to the desk of Governor Charlie Baker.