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Video of State Rep. Aaron Michlewitz’s Maiden Speech on the Green Ticket Bill

In his maiden speech in front of the House, State Representative Aaron Michlewitz, supported the House Bill 3588, known as the “Green Ticket Bill.” Each new member of the House legislature chooses a bill on which to make their “maiden” speech, often on an issue of importance to them and their community. Michlewitz, a Democrat and life long North End resident, represents the 3rd Suffolk District after being elected in June 2009 in a special election.  Watch his January 14th maiden speech video below.

After the speech, House Bill 3588, known as the Green Ticket Bill, passed in the Massachusetts House of Representatives by a vote of 143-1. The bill now goes to the State Senate in the next week or so, where it appears to also have broad support. State Senator Anthony Petrucelli is supporting the bill as is Senate President Therese Murray.

While Governor Patrick vetoed the bill last time, he is expected to sign this version which removed some snow removal requirements. However, even in the case of a veto, the House and Senate should have enough votes to override a veto.

The Green Ticket Bill adds some teeth to tickets issued by Code Enforcement for violations of trash regulations. Currently, these $20-$40 tickets largely go unpaid with estimates of up to $5 million in unpaid fines. The Green Ticket Bill would automatically add those fines to the property owners tax bill. Rep. Michlewitz said, “This provision will be an effective tool in keeping our streets clean.” The City of Boston is expected to opt-in to the requirements for the legislation, as the bill provides each municipality the option of participation.

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  1. Aaron is a man of the people. I vote for the candidate, not the party. This guy is top notch. Great bill. Great work. I feel very, very well represented.

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