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Thursday’s 3 Things & Photo: Throwback Scale, MBTA Bans Hoverboards, Memorial Day Plans!

I captured these three sisters in the Canal fountains that run along the North and South lawns of the Parks. Bob Somerville.
Photo courtesy of Bob Somerville, who captured these three sisters in the Greenway Rings fountain.

Three Things to Know Today

1. With Memorial Day Weekend fast approaching, you may want to start your weekend plans ahead of time.

Take a look at 10 Fun Things to Do in Boston on Memorial Day Weekend. Including the Garden of Flags, where the Massachusetts Military Heroes organization plants 37,000 flags to commemorate each of the Massachusetts service members who have given his or her lives to defend the United States and our freedom since the Revolutionary War. More Memorial Day activities at, Boston Discover Guide.

*Side Note: Trash pickup will be in full service throughout the North End on Memorial Day!

2. News Clipping: It is well known that hoverboards have a reputation for spontaneously combusting, but it hit close to home just a few weeks ago when an apartment fire caused by a hoverboard broke out on Hanover Street. Now, the MBTA bans hoverboards at all stations, buses, subways, trains and commuter boats, for safety concerns such as injuries, fires, and explosions. continue reading about the executive decision at, Boston Business Journal.

3. #Throwback Thursday: Part of living in the North End is the old charm that surrounds the buildings, businesses and history. As seen below, showing the original IBM scale at Polcari’s Coffee.

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