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Notable News: Top Seafood, Caffé Pompei Statues, Sfizi Phantom Gourmet, Custom House Clock!

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The other side of 6, photo courtesy of UniversalHub.
The other side of 6, photo courtesy of UniversalHub.

Seeing time from the inside out in the Custom House

Noon time on April 6, 2016 marked the 100 year anniversary since the clock inside the Custom House Tower began running. In 1950, the mechanism was replaced, lasting until the 1980s when a gear broke beyond repair. Yet, the clock works perfectly today, read the full story at, UniversalHub.

This cafe is gone, but its statues remain

When Frank DePasquale bought Caffé Pompei on Hanover Street and turned it into his expansion of Trattoria il Panino, he sought to pay homage to the longtime North End restaurant by preserving several statues of Madonnas that was a touch of tradition with their former customers. Read the article at, The Boston Globe.

A Lobster Roll at Neptune Oyster House, photo courtesy of The Boston Globe, read more at
A Lobster Roll at Neptune Oyster House, photo courtesy of

3 of the best seafood restaurants in America are in Boston, according to Time Out

Time Out released its list of the 21 best seafood restaurants in the country, and Boston had more on the list than any other city. With three restaurants on the list, Neptune Oyster, the popular North End seafood spot came in at number five, continue reading at

Success of ‘Neapolitan Novels’ stranger than fiction

I AM Books in Boston’s North End hosts a Ferrante book club that was derived by the captivating writing of Elena Ferrante’s, who wrote a Neapolitan series of four novels which trace the lifelong friendship of two impoverished Italian girls. With sales far exceeding expectations, Nicola Orichuia, co-owner of I AM Books, says that nine out of 10 buyers are women, read the story at, The Boston Globe.

Phantom Gourmet: Sfizi In Boston’s North End

Frank DePasquale, one of New England’s most successful and influential restaurateurs opened Sfizi on Richmond Street in the North End to bring tapas and small bites into the neighborhood. In addition to Italian courses, there are also Spanish, Portuguese, and Greek influence, view the video segment and read more at, CBS Boston.

11 healthy ways to break up with winter in Boston

If you are one of the many Bostonians who spent their winter hibernating through the cold, tanning may be one way for you to move onto spring and summer.  Natural Glow on Commercial Street is a boutique that offers a personalized tanning service using an all-natural, paraben-free formula, continue reading at,

As Seaport’s menu evolves, Barking Crab anchors tradition

The building boom in the Seaport District has been towering all around the red and yellow awnings of the Barking Crab restaurant, which is now nestled in front of the Envoy Hotel. The Barking Crab has remained a staple since 1994, despite Development surrounding the area, read the article at, NewBostonPost.