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Neighborhood Council Supports Zoning Relief for Renovation at Burned Out Stillman Place Property

The North End / Waterfront Neighborhood Council (NEWNC) voted 9-0 in unanimous support of zoning relief at 3 Stillman Place. Owner Christopher Young purchased the property after a blazing fire reeked havoc a year ago while it was vacant.

The occupancy will increase from three apartments to four after the renovation.  The height and facade will be similar to the original with a basement/first floor extension in the rear. The upper units will be about 575 square feet and the first floor unit will be a 3-bedroom over 1200 square feet. Sprinklers will be installed and groundwater re-collection is planned. There are no plans for a roof deck or balconies. Attorney William Ferullo presents the application with Mr. Young as shown in the above video.