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NEWNC Supports Zoning Change at 112 Prince Street

Damian Szary, owner of 112 Prince St., received unanimous support for his zoning variance in a vote of 8-0 from the North End/Waterfront Neighborhood Council.

3829669-5091896-thumbnailThe change will expand the first floor unit into the basement and increase the living space by 265 square feet.  The added space will be part of a duplex, 2 bedroom unit connected to the first floor through a spiral staircase. The variance is required in order to meet floor-area ratio requirements. Due to the slope on the property, the basement is only 2 feet below grade and will have full windows in the rear. Szary will live in the building on the upper floor with sole access to a private roof deck. In his presentation, the building owner indicated that he purchased the building from Albert Tranqualino in September 2009. He is including a trash room, individual washer/dryer units and internal HVAC.

Assuming the zoning variance is approved, the renovation will be completed by March 2010 and the units converted to condominiums. Szary indicated the upper units are small but the first floor duplex will have 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.  A hearing with the Zoning Board of Appeal is scheduled for February 9th.

Council members asked about the roof deck which Szary said would be private to his unit on the top floor. Demolition is already completed without the need for a dumpster. The units are expected to be sold as condominiums. The first floor duplex unit will also have a private garden in the back of the building.