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NEWNC Supports New Alcohol License for Sapori di Napoli

Giovanni Grimaldi, operator of Sapori di Napoli, presented to the North End/Waterfront Neighborhood Council ( for his application to the Licensing Board for a 7-day Malt and Wine License at 115A Salem Street. The council supported the application in a vote of 7-1.

According to Grimaldi, through a negotiation with NEWRA last October, the hours will reflect a 11 pm closing hour on Sunday–Thursday and midnight on Friday/Saturday. The location was previously Dave’s Curtains. The cafe has been operating without alcohol, but the owner is asking for a beer/wine license to complement its pastries, gelato and desserts. With traffic light in the winter, the applicant believes a liquor license will help bring in business.

Questions from the council included inquires about the applicant’s other cafe across the street which already has an alcohol license. The owner intends to keep the other cafe open at this time. In the future, he might make the other location into something else.

The council debated the issue of a neighborhood cap on alcohol licenses. President Stephen Passacantilli said the council did not have a cap. There was a difference of opinion as to whether the City has a limit on neighborhood licenses.

Council members complimented the applicant on his current operation, indicating their general support for the application.

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  1. There has been a "cap" on the number of licenses in the North End for a long time. My understanding is that the 90 or 92 licenses cap was determined to meet the "public need" for alcohol in the North End. Since there seems to be some confusion about this, it is time to invite the licensing board Chairman to address the neighborhood.

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