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Pomodoro Moving Up Hanover Street in 2014

Pomodoro at 319 Hanover Street (NEWF Photo)

Pomodoro, the Italian restaurant at 319 Hanover Street in Boston’s North End, is moving up the street to 204 Hanover, the former location of High Gear Jewelry. The jewelry store moved out in March 2013.

A reader gave us the tip and we stopped in the restaurant where they confirmed the move into the somewhat larger space.

Owner Siobhan Carew of Pomodoro also bought the 204 Hanover Street property and is likely to make the move and license transfer in early 2014. The location at 319 Hanover Street remains open for business as of today.

204 Hanover Street – Formerly High Gear Jewelry and future location of the new Pomodoro restaurant (NEWF photo)

3 Replies to “Pomodoro Moving Up Hanover Street in 2014

  1. The owner of Pomodoro is one of the hardest working human beings I know. She managed to run
    her business and educate her children. I think she will do the right thing regarding zoning changes,
    and it is the best move she could possibly make, less stressful. Did Pinkberry need a zoning change
    to go from a shoe store to a yogurt establishment? Whatever the necessary details are involved I am
    sure she will handle it. She is an HONEST, HARD WORKING WOMAN, who never stepped on
    anyone’s toes to get where she is today. God Bless you Chevon, you earned it the Hard Way.

    1. Well put, Landlord. Why anyone would give a “thumbs down” to your well deserved comment about Siobhan is beyond me. I wish her much luck and good fortune.

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