The Weekender: Wireless Antenna Plan, The Italian Banks, Polystyrene Containers, and More!

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Top 5 Posts of the Week:

The plan to deploy wireless LTE antennas in the North End.
The plan to deploy wireless LTE antennas in the North End.

Wireless LTE Antennas Proposed for North End Street Lights [Video]

With 40 such installations already in Back Bay, the plans to install a Wireless Distributed Antenna System Network in Boston’s North End were presented to NEWRA. View the post for how Extenet plans to use city-owned street light poles and traffic signal posts to enhance LTE coverage for wireless carriers.

Life on the Corner: North Square Part 2, The Italian Banks

With the exception of Endicott Street, the main shopping streets in the North End are still Salem and Hanover Streets. In previous generations, the business center of the North End was always North Square, complete with Stabile Bank Hotel Rome, read the post for more on the  “Italian Banks.”

An Offer Not Refused; Buyer Pays $625,000 for Mario Puzo Archive

Mario Puzo’s personal archive was auctioned for $625,000 at the RR Auction in Boston’s North End. The collection is made up of 45 banker’s boxes with a 744-page draft of The Godfather novel, along with personal correspondence, early manuscript drafts and more, read the post.

Photo by Eric Lumsden, courtesy of Boston Curbed.
Photo by Eric Lumsden, courtesy of Boston Curbed.

Notable News: Boston’s Oldest Homes, Frozen Pipes, Rising Tide Prep., Ward 8 Graffiti!

You did not have a chance to skim through the news this week? No worries, the notable news post will catch you up on all the articles written from alternate sources. Read the post for a compilation that includes Boston’s oldest homes, the impact of frozen pipes, preparing for rising sea levels, and more.

Neighborhood Photo: Polystyrene Containers

This neighborhood photo is not of a sunset, fresh snowfall, or city scene, but a non-recyclable polystyrene container that was littered on the street. View the neighborhood photo that begs the question, “what if we were to decide we don’t want non-recyclable polystyrene in the North End?”

Editor’s Extra:

Street Sweeping Resumes on March 1st

Friendly reminder! Regularly posted street sweeping will resume in the North End on Tuesday, March 1st, read the notice for details on violators and the full street sweeping schedule.

johnny shoes 1Obituary: Johnny “Shoes” Cammarata of Boston’s North End

Many neighbors and friends reflected this week on the passing of North End icon and longtime barber, Johnny “Shoes” Cammarata.