Nazzaro Basketball: Big Dance Played at 3/4 Time

Champion Hawks

The Nazzaro Center Small Fry Basketball League, in its 44th consecutive season, held its final games of the 2016 season Friday February 19 and although the tournament is usually billed as the “Final Four” or the “Big Dance”, this year it had to be called  the “3/4 Time Waltz“.  That’s because the vacation week schedule of so many families affected the roster of  one team harder than any other and one branch of the semi-finals had to be declared a forfeit. Nevertheless, the two remaining games (the other semi and then the Final game) provided as much excitement, passion play and ultimately a worthy champ as any normal Final Four could have.  Yes,  ultimately there was a league champion crowned, but all 56 players, who participated in this 18 game season from mid-October through mid-February can consider themselves champs.  And to emphasize that point, the league will hold its banquet on Sunday morning March 13th at Filippo’s restaurant where every league participant will get a trophy the size of which will be based on their attendance.  Also presented on that day will be the  three traditional memorial awards given in memory of North End iconsDom Campochiaro (“Pioneer Award“), Uncle Fred Carangelo (“The Carangelo Cup“) and league founder John T. Dexter (“The Dexter Award“).  For more information on this banquet, and for a complete run-down of both this JV league, the Varsity league, the instructional league and the 6 CYO Knights traveling teams, visit

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