The Weekender: New Development, Neighborhood Council Votes and Public Safety Meeting

Did you have a busy week and not have enough time to keep up with things around the neighborhood? Take a moment to skim through the Weekender for any big stories you may have missed.  We put together the most popular posts on, allowing you to catch up on the top stories from around the neighborhood. 

Top Posts This Week:

The State has announced plans to develop the empty parcel of land currently leased for outdoor seating to Mother Anna's, along with the  (Photo by Matt Conti.)
The State has announced plans to develop the empty parcel of land currently leased for outdoor seating to Mother Anna’s, along with the Sumner Tunnel building. (Photo by Matt Conti.)

MassDOT Seeking Developers for Gold-Domed North Street Building and Parcel Adjoining Mother Anna’s Restaurant

MassDOT has announced the State’s plan to accept proposals for the development of the empty parcel at Hanover and Cross Streets, as well as the Sumner Tunnel Administration building. Currently leased for outdoor seating at Mother Anna’s, parcel 11A could be the sight of major changes that could be proposed at a public meeting in October of 2014, read more and view the press release.

Council Supports Etc Juicery & Monica’s Trattoria, Splits on Waterfront Cafe; New Abutter Meetings and NBSS Expansion [Video]

Watch this video of a Neighborhood Council meeting that addresses many issues that have been in the local news as of late. Including developments on the Etc Juicery, Monica’s Trattoria, and the Waterfront Cafe.  View Meeting Video and Summary.

Help Find Prince the Black Cat from Prince Postale

Keep an eye out for this missing black cat that resides in a Prince Street shop in the North End. Copp’s Hill burial ground is a usual hang out spot for the cat, but he has been staying out later due to people feeding him.  View Post for a photo and more details.

Boston Police talking Strategy in local meeting
Boston Police talking Strategy in local meeting (NEWF Photo)

Boston Police Emphasize Arrests as Public Safety Strategy [Video]

For the first time in the past few months, the North End Public Safety meeting was back in action. Boston Police joined local residents and neighbors to report incidents in the neighborhood and hear concerns from the residents. View Video to watch the meeting in its entirety.

Residents’ Association Reports on Public Market, Flights Planning, Sushi Rock and Tia’s [Video]

This video coverage of the North End / Waterfront Residents’ Association meeting covers trash updates from City Hall, proposals to change the flights in the Gassy, and several other developments from local restaurants and establishments.  View Post for meeting summary and video.

Editor’s Picks:

Outdoor Bocce in the North End (NEWF Photo)
Outdoor Bocce in the North End (NEWF Photo)

The Friends of the North End 10th Annual Fall Bocce Tournament [Photos]

The 10th Annual Fall B0cce Tournament was not only a hit between the usual North Enders, but a group of tourists and bystanders also took an interest into the game. Amongst all the banter between the locals, the tournament went underway to start the event.  View Post for photos and more.