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The Friends of the North End 10th Annual Fall Bocce Tournament [Photos]

The Friends of the North End 10th Annual Fall Bocce Tournament got off to a sunny and pleasant start on Sunday the 7th. Players in the tournament are North Enders, members of Italian American War Veterans Post 8 of Medford and the Sons of Italy of Winchester.

The start of the competition was delayed when many tourists and bystanders gathered around the courts to savor the banter and kidding among’st the players. Some showed interest in a game new to them. They were also impressed to find out that our friendships have endured for 50 and 60 years.

Then the Commissioner, Sam Viscione, threw out the first polino signaling the start of the Friends of the North End’s Bocce Tournament. The spirited competition to unseat last season’s champions: Sam Viscione, Vito Aluia ( Spring 2014’s MVP ), Nick Savino and alternate, Victor Passacantilli finally got under way.

The Star of the Day for Week #1 was Richie”Duffle Bags” Delliago who made clutch shots all day long leading his team to victory.

Photos by Arthur Lauretano

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  1. Great morning of Bocce and fun with old friends. We will be playing every Sunday for the next 6 weeks weather permitting. It was interesting how many tourists stopped to watch and ask questions.
    Thanks Matt for posting this.

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