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Help Find Prince the Black Cat from Prince Postale

Please help find Prince, the missing black cat from Prince Postale. John shares the following:

Prince is a 5 year old black cat. He lives in my shop on Prince Street. He is an indoor outdoor cat. I let him out in the morning and he walks around our section of the North End. He is usually hanging out at Copp’s Hill burial ground or the Old North Church.

He used to come home on his own everyday but people felt it was OK to feed him and that gave him the desire to stay out longer. Now I go look for him every afternoon and he is usually in the same places. Nobody has seen him since Saturday the 6th.

If you have seen him please let me know. He is a creature of habit and very seldom wanders off on his own past his familiar area. He is a unique animal and I want him back home. If you can help I appreciate it. He should still have his collar on and it has his name and my number.

Thank you for any help you provide.
My cell is 617-669-1719.

4 Replies to “Help Find Prince the Black Cat from Prince Postale

  1. I posted it on Facebook. Hope & pray you find him..keep us informed with an update…PLEASE try not to let him out any more, too many crazy people don’t like BLACK CATS and they will harm them..Will remember you in my prayers.

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