The Weekender: 1890’s North End, Feast Photos, Lewis Wharf Hotel Meeting

Recapping the “decisive” articles from around the neighborhood, the following is a list of posts over the last week that got the most traffic!

Top Posts of the Week:

Salem Street #1Life on the Corner: A Shtetl in the City; The Jewish North End

Most people know the North End as the Italian section of Boston but there was also a large Jewish population around Salem Street in the 1890’s.  Read the post for more on the “constant change” and history of the neighborhood.

Obituary: Leonard J. “Leo” Rizzuto of Boston’s North End

Lifelong North End resident, Leonard J. “Leo” Rizzuto passed away at the age of 91. Many may know him from leaning back in his chair outside his brick building on Prince Street, read the obituary.

Madonna Della Cava Feast Sunday Procession [Photos]

The 95th annual Madonna Della Cava feast took place on the weekend of August 7th-9th, Matt Conti was on the scene capturing all the action, see the post for photo coverage of the procession.

Opening night of the Fisherman's Feast, photo by Matt Conti.
Opening night of the Fisherman’s Feast, photo by Matt Conti.

Fisherman’s Feast Photo Gallery: Blessing of the Waters & Opening Night

One of the biggest feasts of the summer, the 105th Fisherman’s Feast is underway on North, Fleet and Lewis Streets.  In addition to the Blessing of the Waters, Angela Menino accepted a memorial honor on behalf of the late Mayor Thomas M. Menino who attended the feast every year. View the post for photos of the opening night!

Video: Impact Advisory Group Meets for First Time on Lewis Wharf Hotel Project

Watch footage from the meeting regarding the Lewis Wharf Hotel Project that put the Nazzaro Center to capacity.  The plans include two new 5-story hotel buildings and is one of the most contentious issues to come across the neighborhood. View the post for complete video coverage.

Editor’s Pick:

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 6.07.03 PM
Twitter: “One of the best pizzerias in the U.S., where Ralph & Paul hold court, GALLERIA UMBERTO, Boston’s North End”

Top 10 @NorthEndBoston Tweets: Feast Season, Umberto’s, Yankee Doodle, #Gelato and More North End Scenes!

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