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Update: Counter Protesters Show at Roosh V Meetup

Update: On Saturday, February 6th, Boston Police District A-1 Captain Fong reported that about 15 “counter protesters” showed up at the Prado (Paul Revere Mall) off Hanover Street in the North End. It did not appear that anyone from the Roosh V group, Return of Kings, was in attendance. The protesters left the area after it became evident the event had been cancelled.

Originally Posted February 4, 2016
Bowing to public pressure and the potential threat of protesters, self-described neo-masculinist Daryush Valizadeh, known as Roosh V, canceled plans for worldwide meetups of “tribesman,” including one in Boston’s North End Prado (Paul Revere Mall) scheduled for Saturday, February 6th.

In a statement on the Return of Kings website, Roosh V. says:

I can no longer guarantee the safety or privacy of the men who want to attend on February 6, especially since most of the meetups can not be made private in time.

Increased media attention and heavy criticism appeared to play a part in the cancellation. Groups of protesters in various cities were starting to issue counter-threats, such as a Toronto Women’s Boxing Club. The initial plans included 165 events to be held in 43 countries on Saturday night.

Despite the cancellation, there remains the possibility of private events as the ROK organizer says that “I can’t stop men who want to continue meeting in private groups.”

At a Thursday night Public Safety meeting in the North End, Boston Police Captain Kenneth Fong said that officers will continue to monitor the Prado (Paul Revere Mall) and surrounding area during the scheduled meetup time.

Roosh V is an anti-feminist blogger who wrote in a blog post last year to “make rape legal if done on private property.” The Washington Post put together this background video segment on Roosh V., his neo-masculinist initiative and recent press reports.

13 Replies to “Update: Counter Protesters Show at Roosh V Meetup

  1. Matt, Excellent coverage, including the photo. Pleased the area will be monitored, irregardless !

  2. I still can’t type. neo-masculinist. OH. IT WASN’T ME. It did it again, and this time I saw it. It was the stupid auto-correct. I guess auto-correct has never heard the term either.

  3. This is in no way, shape, or form a rape advocacy group. In fact, the group is staunchly against rape.

    Fact checking is an incredibly important part of journalism. If I can look into that from the comfort of my computer so can you.

    It should make sense that the police were not concerned about any illegal activity taking place because the intelligence department receives funding to protect residents from any and all threats.

    It is always wise to have additional officers in the area when a protest is planned or when citizens have concerns. So good on bpd for that.

    I’d be more concerned about hooligans from charlestown assaulting women than a few conservatives grabbing a beer together… but we all have our own take on things.

    1. Vito
      YOU are the one who needs to get YOUR FACTS straight. This guy advocates for making RAPE LEGAL if it is done on private property, they are anti LGBT and have more misogynistic ideas. Please do not defend this guy or his group.They are more than a bunch of conservative guys wanting to get together for a beer. They have been classified as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

      1. I read his article about the rape stuff, man, that’s pretty offensive. I watched his video about it after… seems to be satire, though in bad taste.

        Looked at the other articles, they have called out the governments of uk, Germany, and Sweden for ignoring rape crises. So I’m guessing they don’t approve of rape.

        Anyways, these guys still seem more like Archie bunkers than rapists. Not defending them but they don’t seem too scary.

        As my pops always said, opinions are like rear ends, everyone’s got em and most of em stink.

        1. If you were a woman, had a daughter or granddaughter, a wife or a girlfriend you would be scared.
          This is not satire. Are you stupid, in denial or a member of his group?

    2. Vito,
      Hooligans from Charlestown assaulting women? Wake up Vito the North End is loaded with pervs – know your facts!

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