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Neomasculinity Group “Return of Kings” North End Meetup Raises Concerns

The Prado (Paul Revere Mall) is the scheduled site of a Return of Kings meetup. (NEWF Image)

Update: The Return of Kings meetups have been cancelled by organizers. See this updated post for more information.

Controversy is rising regarding a scheduled event on February 6, 2016 by Return of Kings founder Roosh Valizadeh for a ‘tribesman’ meetup in Boston’s North End on the Prado (Paul Revere Mall) at 8 p.m.

An anonymous post on the Reddit-Boston site has posted a warning for women to “be safe and stay away from this dangerous group.” Roosh V. is described as a “popular ultra-rightest and rape advocate.”

According to the ROK website, “fellow tribesman” are instructed to ask the following question to other men suspected of being there for the meetup, “Do you know where I can find a pet shop?” in order to get details about where to go from there.

The Return of Kings blog describes itself as follows: “ROK aims to usher the return of the masculine man in a world where masculinity is being increasingly punished and shamed in favor of creating an androgynous and politically-correct society that allows women to assert superiority and control over men.”

The North End meetup is one of 165 worldwide events scheduled by Return of Kings.  In response to a backlash against the scheduled meetups, ROK is making some locations “hidden” although the North End meetup is still publicly listed as of this writing. According to an updated blog post, “this meetup was never intended as a confrontation with unattractive women and their enablers.”

District A-1 Police have informed us they are aware of the scheduled event and will have officers monitoring the area.

30 Replies to “Neomasculinity Group “Return of Kings” North End Meetup Raises Concerns

      1. i am going to the Public Safety Meeting tomorrow night to hear what the Area A police have to say. From what I read about this guy and his group, they are dangerous. so… much as I want to see a bunch of people protest I do not want any of us to get hurt in the process. Try to make the meeting at the Nazzaro Center tomorrow at 6 PM if you can.

      2. Don’t be afraid of them. They’re clearly cowards; they fear women BECAUSE women are strong and capable. They obviously have huge problems with their own masculinity; maybe they’re latent homosexuals who are full of self-loathing and so pushing women around is how they assert what little confidence they have left after confronting the fact that they’re not as “manly” as they’d like to be? Laugh at them; they deserve ridicule.

        1. I am no longer the feminist college student protester of my youth. I am a card carrying feminist member of the Medicare generation so I cannot run as fast as I used to if needed! 🙂

  1. Matt: Having just read about Roosh V and the ROK on their websites, I concur that this group (cult) is dangerous. Why is Boston / North End allowing the meetup in our neighborhood? Thank you …. we are entitled to be forewarned.

      1. Um, it’s not Islamophobia, it’s an accurate reflection of the laws of Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is making Islam look bad by having a legal system in place which oppresses women, so Michael’s comment should only be found offensive by people who actually think that Saudi Arabia’s treatment of women is just fine and dandy.

  2. Just want to share that I spent hours contacting the police and news sources yesterday about this begging that someone make a report about the Boston location so I am glad that it was… This group is supposedly having the meeting so that the group, who wants legal rape, can discuss how to better attack and get away with attacking women in these specific areas. Please do share this because although the group changed their intent once of the list came out, it was their intent for the meetings in the first place.

  3. Hi Matt. Can you tell us a little more about your conversation with BPD? Do they consider the information provided on the Return of Kings website credible? That is, do they actually think there will be a turnout for the meetup? As it stands, this post simply brings attention to something that likely would have gone unnoticed and unattended, which is exactly what the “organizer” wants.

    1. Hi Adam, I understand your point. I put off posting anything for a few days after receiving the initial tip for the reason you cited and not really knowing how seriously to take it. I don’t want to speak for BPD, but in my communications with them, they seemed to know about the event through the Boston Regional Intelligence Center and repeated their intention to monitor activity. In the past few days, the event has received more attention on social media nationally with several protests planned. That’s when I decided to go ahead and post here on I have no idea if anyone will show up on either side.

      1. I think, in this case, the issue has clearly become self-referential. Publishing a non-story (that references a reddit post (reddit!) that doesn’t exist) only encourages more people to share this story through their own channels (including social media), which you cite as a reason for publishing this story in the first place 🙂

        I encourage everyone to attend the public safety meeting tomorrow night. But remember that part of the purpose of such meetings is to address residents concerns – whether those concerns are real or not.

    2. Adam. Thankfully Matt posted this. It is a world-wide event, and certainly would not go unnoticed in the heart of the North End. The ROK website listed the international countries that are participating.
      The group is not asking for our attendance. They are summoning their own, and we would be well-advised to keep our distance and let the police monitor the situation. Thank you Matt for bringing this to our attention.

  4. These cowards feel threatened by women; as a result, they lash out with fear and intimidation, including actual and implied threats against any women or non-cis white men that should crash the meetup. There is no place for this sort of nonsense in the North End, nor should we tolerate it anywhere else. Roosh, ROK, and their ilk are not welcome here. Looking forward to the outcome of the public safety meeting.

  5. As much as we all want to fight – I do not believe a public demonstration is the answer. It will bring media attention to this which is precisely the goal. The more media attention, the more this hateful and sickening message spreads. This man is a hate monger and we must dismiss him as the nothingness he is.

    Let’s make this an opportunity to spark a conversation about the serious, world-wide problem of the safety of women. Promote feminism, not fear. As a female resident of the North End, of course I am uncomfortable. I am in danger. But, in reality, the danger is always present.

    My hope is communities around the world will look after their women not just this weekend, but always. The danger is always present.

    1. These idiots are advocating violence against marginalized groups. The police are perpetrators of state-sanctioned violence against marginalized groups. I don’t trust either party.

      Confrontation clearly works. You advocate rape and violence? You rescind your right to be treated with dignity. Their freedom ends where another person’s begins.

      Leftists and progressives: it’s time to shed our reputation for being non-confrontational pushovers, or we risk watching helplessly while pro-rape gatherings, drive-by attacks on Black Lives Matters protesters, etc continue.

    2. Mary-7 I must respectfully disagree about people not demonstrating or protesting over this sickening group for the same reason you cited media attention. Most people don’t even realize that this group exists & the group doesn’t what any attention that’s why they usually hold the location of their meetings secretly. Would you want your family, friends or co-workers to know that your a member of this group? Of course not that’s why they need to be exposed for what they are.

  6. Thank you to whoever got the word out to the media and the police. Last year Roosh had a Toronto meetup planned and had rented space and was expecting, according to him, a thousand guys,. But word got out, his rental was rescinded and the meetup ended up being at a bar or restaurant with maybe 30 guys, again according to him. So this works.

  7. Everyone is a tough guy now huh? Instead of protesting if people want to avoid a problem they should mind their business and let the police take care of everything… Right or wrong this is a matter of freedom of speech and we should let these people have their event so they can leave with out any issue after it is over

    1. Beautifully said. Let the BPD handle this situation. They have handled a lot greater threats than a group of 10-15 masculine men.

    2. So in your opinion Freedom of speech only applies to this group? It is our business if a group of misogynistic men who advocate making rape legal and that men should tell women what to do have a meet up in our neighborhood. The only way this guy could know that the Paul Revere Mall is called the Prado is if one or more of his followers live here and it is the business of every woman and decent man to protest this event. And Eddie ….a real masculine man would not be part of this group. Only insecure men who could not get lucky if they were the only man left at closing time in a bar full of drunk women would advocate for making rape legal.

      1. And you going there and causing a problem with them is going to help the neighborhood in what way?

  8. Matt, I just read on Drudge that the protest was cancelled because of safety concerns. I am assuming that includes the NE.

  9. We all know that that this group or the American Nazi party , KKK & other hate groups have the right to speak, but we have the right to protest ,demonstrate their meeting as long as we do it in a peaceful & lawful manner.As for Tommy W. what’s up with the “tough guy” reference?

  10. A lot of the meetups are being planned in secret, now. Roosh says on his website that he can’t stop meetings being planned in private. I take this to mean – the North End meeting will still take place.

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