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Few Crime Incidents Reported at December Public Safety Meeting

With all that is going on in other U.S. cities, Boston has been relatively calm lately as reflected in the latest monthly meeting reports at the North End Public Safety meeting. The day after the meeting, however, a suspicious package was detonated on Atlantic Avenue.

Citywide crime reports are down 10% year-to-date with a 17% decline in District 1, that includes the North End.

In the North End / Waterfront area, there were a few isolated incidents described below.

At 36 Lewis Street, a residence was broken into on November 12th during the day. An unknown person took a watch, jewelry, and several laptop computers. The street level deadbolt on the door was unlocked and the regular doorknob was loose. Police are investigating a street construction crew that was working in front of the building at the time.

On December 1st at 4pm, police officers responded to a motor vehicle break-in near 366 Hanover Street. A male suspect was later found breaking into a plumbing van and arrested. The suspect had over 40 break-ins and a history of drug abuse on his record with a temporary address at the Pine Street Inn homeless shelter.

On November 28th, an arrest was made for disorderly conduct. The suspect was throwing rocks at car windows and ran from officers over the Greenway toward North Street and through the neighborhood to Salem Street. The suspect had a warrant outstanding and a history of mental illness related incidents.

Boston Police remind residents to take care of protecting their package deliveries during the busy holiday shopping season. Here are some tips to protect yourself from a home delivery theft:

  • Send the package to the residence of a trusted friend or relative who you know will be home. Be sure that the friend is ready and waiting to retrieve the package when the doorbell rings.
  • Ask the package delivery company to hold the package if you will not be home (many have local delivery centers). While we can’t promise that this service is available, there are companies that will hold a package for up to 5 days.
  • Request that your package is marked “signature required.” This requires the delivery person to stand by and wait until you’re available to retrieve the package. You could also put a note on your door, requesting the deliverer go to your next door neighbor for the signature.
  • Leave special instructions on where to deliver the package. A good place is on the side or back of the house, so that the package is out of sight from the road. Ask the delivery person to take and discard the note with him/her or leave it with the package.
  • Use a company that provides a tracking service and check online to see when your package is scheduled to arrive.
  • Have the items shipped to the nearest store for “in-store pick up.”
  • If you have an understanding boss, have your packages delivered to you at work.

The next North End Public Safety meeting will be held on January 7, 2015, 6:00 pm at the Nazzaro Community Center. All are welcome to attend.

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