Boston Redevelopment Authority Appeals Federal Court Decision to Keep Long Wharf as Open Space

The Boston Redevelopment Authority filed an appeal last week of the Federal Court ruling barring development at the end of Long Wharf.

US District Court Judge Saris determined last August that the National Park Service was correct in its assessment that the pavilion and surrounding open space are protected as recreational parkland under the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) Act.

The BRA is the property owner and has long attempted to issue a restaurant license at the end of Long Wharf. Since 2008, a group of neighborhood residents, referred to as the “North End Ten,” have fought to keep the area as open space. The National Park Service became involved as a result of a 1980 map showing the end of Long Wharf is a 6(f) restricted area where federal funds were used as part of the area’s renewal. The NPS is the defendant in the federal court case.

The BRA’s appeal means that the fight will continue in what the judge called the “Long War of Long Wharf.”

Follow the whole story here in our previous coverage of the “Long War of Long Wharf”.

4 Replies to “Boston Redevelopment Authority Appeals Federal Court Decision to Keep Long Wharf as Open Space

  1. Why? Why does every space need to be filled and why, when the North End/Waterfront seems to have more excellent, interesting restaurants per square foot than anywhere one can think of, does the BRA insist on a restaurant on this site. It is absolutely one of the most beautiful spots on the Boston Harbor. Note to BRA….Pease focus on preserving

  2. Boston is gone. The essence, the character, the vibe. It’s all 4-6 star living with over-commercialization of once quaint and treasured spots. On the gritty side, rock bars are now remodeled tourist traps and all the squares (Kenmore, Harvard, et al.) have national mall stores in place of the notorious spots that used to define them The open air market has been brought indoors. We’ll never agree on what is good and what is bad. All the bickering is one reason I am glad I left, as well. What matters is that Boston as I knew her for 20 years is so gone that it doesn’t even feel like Boston anymore. Yesterday, visiting, I felt nothing. I wouldn’t return if you paid my living expenses.

  3. And where is Walsh on this? Executive order against the BRA? He’s either with us or with the terrorists. Long Wharf should be left alone.

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