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Young Performers Present The Olympus Complex Play

It is with great pleasure and gratitude that Boston Community Collaborative (BCC) congratulates MISS INGRID OSLUND for a BRILLIANT JOB on the production of her NEW play, The Olympus Complex. The original play by Ms. Oslund, produced by BCC, was performed last weekend, on Friday and Saturday nights, at the Boston Harbor Community Church on Salutation Street in the North End.
The play tells the story of three Greek myths in a modern context.

Three mischief makers and elemental nymphs guided the audience through an apartment complex where Gods, mortals and monsters reside. The first piece explored the dynamic of a dysfunctional family, lead by the ever battling Zeus and Hera. Their cruel, teenage daughter A, short for Aphrodite, and their younger oracle like daughter, Demi navigated their existence through their parent’s combative relationship. The second story took us to Athena’s apartment, where she captured a young woman named Medusa and replaced her hair with snakes in order to teach her a lesson about anger, power and jealousy. Finally, we arrived at the story of Persephone and Hades. Under the nose of an overprotective mother, Demeter, Persephone and Hades cultivated a relationship online. However, the nature of their relationship may be more sinister then it appeared.

This piece served as Ingrid Oslund’s graduate thesis project through Emerson College. It was written, choreographed and directed by Ms. Oslund. Ms. Oslund’s self-professed goals are to create innovative and alternative theatre. While she generally writes for an undergraduate or adult audience, she firmly believes that this aesthetic can create intriguing theater for youth.

Ingrid is a playwright, director, and choreographer by trade. Her original work has been featured all around the Boston area, including Newburyport Actor’s Studio, On With Living and Learning, Emerson College, and Suffolk University. Over many years, Ingrid has taught hundreds of North End youth in dance, drama, and film. Her enthusiasm, professionalism, prolific work, and her wonderful ability to work with people of all ages and backgrounds is impressive. The North End is lucky that she shares her amazing talents with our kids and families in the North End.

Congratulations to the Cast members of The Olympus Complex:
Hermes- Paige Fitzgerald (Eliot School)
Pan- Elle Woods (Eliot School)
Dino- Maggie Gohlmann (St. John’s School)

Nymph of Air- Helena Fountas (St. John’s School)
Nymph of Fire- Naimah Malone (Eliot School)
Nymph of Earth- Maya Riley (Eliot School)
Nymph of Water- Nicolette Teti (St. John’s School)
Monster- Billy Jenkins (Boston Area Actor)

Zeus- Donald Culpepper (Boston Area Actor)
Hera- Katherine Mayk (Emerson College Theatre Ed. Grad Student)
A, short for Aphrodite- Marina Silva (Boston Area Actor)
Demi- Fiona Shine Duncan (Eliot School)

Athena- Ashley Dixon (Emerson College Undergraduate)
Medusa-Mary Frances Noser (Emerson College Undergraduate)

Persephone- Sydney Barsky-Russo (Boston Latin Academy)
Hades- Calvin Szulc (Boston Latin School)
Demeter- Elizabeth Berg (Emerson College Theatre Education Graduate Student)

Some Reactions from audience members:
“This piece is forward thinking theatre for youth and teens”
“The incorporation of music, dance and technology made the piece well rounded”
“Dark, intense, unexpected.”
“An immersive experience”
“A fun, exhilarating ride.”
“Raw, makes you think, makes you uncomfortable in a contemplative way.”

Congratulations to the actors, and their parents and families. This young group of performers did an amazing job. You all should feel very proud.

Boston Community Collaborative was incorporated in 2013. Its mission is to connect people, and enrich lives. In addition to producing this play, BCC currently offers courses in Drama, Dance, Fitness and Engineering for Kids during the St John School afterschool program and hosts a number of community events: Movie Nights in the Gassy during the summer, an annual Halloween Party for adults, and an annual Springtime Egg Hunt in Christopher Columbus Park. BCC has some exciting new ventures and expansion planned for the upcoming year.