All three of the local elected officials representing the North End / Waterfront came out strongly today against the proposed Lewis Wharf hotel development project by JW Capital Partners, LLC. State Representative Aaron Michlewitz, State Senator Anthony Petruccelli and Boston City Councilor Salvatore LaMattina issued the following letter to the Boston Redevelopment Authority saying the proponent has not received “satisfactory support from not only its direct abutters but the neighborhood, subsequently leaving us united in opposition of the proposed hotel.” In addition, the letter further questions the developer’s “as of right” contention for the project. The complete letter is shown here.

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  1. Outstanding! Thank you gentlemen for your thoughtful stance in defense of so many North End residents. The nightmare is one step closer to being over.

  2. I don’t understand why, in the face of now documented, unified opposition from the neighborhood and all of our local elected officials, the BRA chose to hold its public meeting on Wednesday without any revised or modified proposal from the developers. Rather than recognize that this project is totally inappropriate for a small, historic, residential community, they wasted everyone’s time by going through the motions with what was a totally unproductive public hearing.

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