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Lewis Wharf Project Video Highlights Waterfront Access

The development team for the Lewis Wharf project have released a video highlighting the features of the proposal along with resident and business owner segments supporting the plan. From the proponent:

The Lewis Wharf project presents an exceptional opportunity to revitalize Lewis Wharf by replacing a surface parking lot, which has restricted access to the harbor for years, and dilapidated pilings with: almost 2.5 acres of public open space including 1.25 acres of park space; a new section of Harborwalk; and a new luxury hotel. The plan increases public access to the waterfront and creates a new North End park that will connect the North End to the downtown waterfront for more people to enjoy.

For more on the developer’s plan, see their website,

2 Replies to “Lewis Wharf Project Video Highlights Waterfront Access

  1. The project looks good in the ‘movie’, doesn’t it? But when facing the water, I notice the right hotel has an ‘extension’ before the main hotel — a pre-entry bldg. ? It is larger than the left hotel. There will be lies, tricks, broken promises, and personally, I think it would ruin this neighborhood. And do we believe this project will be the final one? No sir. If we give a green light to this…..they will push harder for many more fancy projects. The proponent stated that there will be a new luxury hotel. A (singular) new hotel as opposed to two hotels? Do you think we are stupid or blind to your twists and turns?

  2. I haven’t done a whole lot of research but it sounds like this area would simply have a nice public park replace a crappy parking lot that I never go to anyway. Based on all the outrage I have to be missing something. I’m not sure that adding a couple small buildings on the waterfront would really make any difference to the skyline (which isn’t a particularly nice view of the airport anyway). Can someone help me understand what the drawbacks are?

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