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Roof Deck Expansion “Not Opposed” by NEWRA [Video]

Members of the North End / Waterfront Residents’ Association (NEWRA) voted 21-6 to “not oppose” a zoning application at 31 Snow Hill Street (Unit 4) to renovate and expand a roof deck.

Owner Diego Candida has applied to the Board of Appeal to replace the existing deteriorated roof deck with a code compliant roof deck within the existing perimeter iron railing. Unit 4 has deeded roof rights, but according to ISD there is no permit on record for the existing deck.

Mr. Candida has sole access to the roof and has been advised by the city to engage the community before an August 2015 hearing date. The applicant currently occupies the unit with his family but said he may rent in the future. The new roof deck would expand to cover the entire roof. No change to the existing head house is anticipated.

The handout image below was shown of the current roof deck.

31 Snow Hill Street Roof Deck

Watch the above video for the complete presentation and discussion.