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Feature Video: Haymarket, The Soul of the City

The Haymarket Project documentary has been released in a feature video titled Haymarket, the Soul of the City. For the last two years, the project has been releasing seasonal videos about the historic outdoor food marketplace. An accompanying exhibition is also being shown at Suffolk University’s Adams Gallery through August 30, 2015.

The feature presents the four seasons at Boston’s Haymarket with photographs by Justin H. Goodstein, interviews with Ken Turino, and a video featuring the sights, sounds, and voices of Haymarket.

Haymarket, Boston’s outdoor food market, has weathered economic downturns, the advent of the supermarket, and massive construction projects from the Central Artery to the Big Dig. For most of the twentieth century, Italian produce vendors lined Blackstone Street. But the market is a reflection of the city’s changing population, and today includes Halal butchers, artisanal cheesemongers, Cambodian fruit sellers, and workers from South America and Asia.

Historic New England has partnered with the Haymarket Pushcart Association for this documentary of the people and daily life of Haymarket through Goodstein’s photographs and oral histories collected by Turino.