5 Replies to “Lewis Wharf Hotel Opposition Group Meeting on July 29th

  1. I hope these residents put up the fight of their lives & involve the news media anyway they can.

    Enough is enough, residents have been pushed around for far too many years for restaurants &
    new projects. Protest if necessary. Strength is in Numbers, and hopefully everyone will
    rally for this cause. They protested against 585 Commercial St. outside of City Hall & it was
    successful, they didn’t go up 85 feet & the developer backed out. May God be with you.

  2. Too funny, Joan. It may be worth looking at their website and familiarizing yourself with the project. It appears to be fully compliant with existing city and state zoning and of a smaller scale than a previously approved project on the site! Let the community enjoy a nice new amenity and stop hoarding the waterfront for yourself!

  3. SAM, Let’s get 1 thing straight, I am not trying to hoard the waterfront for myself.

    My concern is for the present residents that live in the area & how their lives will be affected.

    The City is on a Greed Kick & they have basically thrown the Present Residents under the Bus for any
    or all projects that want to come into this already heavily congested area.

    This is not N.Y.C. and no matter what they do, it is never going to be N.Y.C. I love New York,
    but I don’t want to see these little communities over powered by Hotels, Condos & Apt. Bldgs.
    They are taking away the Ambiance of this Great City of ours all for the love of M O N E Y.

    I believe in Progress, but not at the expense of Present Residents who have been paying
    high taxes to live in this great city of ours. If you want to accuse anyone of hoarding, I
    suggest you accuse the City of that.

    1. Joan of Arc: I agree…..this is not NYC, nor would we want it to be. Boston is/was known for its provincial ambiance, as the foreigners say…..specifically, the North End. Little by little we are eaten up by expansive construction projects. Therein lies the ‘greed’. We are not greedy, as Sam says…..we simply wish to preserve our historical and very unusual picturesque neighborhood for which the North End of Boston is famous.

  4. JAMISON, I agree with you, Boston was a picturesque neighborhood, but being surrounded by
    all these High Risers makes it look less picturesque, and more like A Cheap Replica of N.Y.C.
    This is only my personal opinion. I love the City & the No. End & our Waterfront is spectacular,
    but they are overloading the area a little too much for my liking. It is all about Money, never
    Quality of Life. We can have both, but when Greed sets in, it is an all together different story.

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