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North End Flashback: 1970’s Teen Documentary [Video]

This is a video featuring the highlights of a 1970’s documentary of the North End produced by Abraham Ravett in 1977 and 1978 with other teenagers for the North End Teen Collaborative.

The film starts out with kids playing at the St. Anthony’s Playground adjacent to the Bathhouse (now the Nazzaro Community Center) and Christopher Columbus High School. Scenes of teens hanging out are followed by a visit to Johnny’s Barbershop at 181 Salem St. (later moved to Hanover St. as Johnny & Gino’s Barber Shop). A narrated section talks about putting up Christmas decorations in Sonny Mirabella’s yard on Salem Street. A highlight are scenes from Pal’s Lunch, a neighborhood luncheon gathering spot. Next, a local produce shop is visited with a stop at Polcari’s. The video ends with neighbors packing bags of food for the elderly and disabled after a snowstorm.

Thank you to Janet Gilardi for sharing the original footage.

15 Replies to “North End Flashback: 1970’s Teen Documentary [Video]

  1. Thank you for posting this. I didn’t know it existed. Seeing it brings back so many fond memories of a time (and a place) so dear to my heart. Those were the times of our lives.

  2. Good memories …. How wonderful for Janet to share with all of us. Eddie Pal was the best for lunch. Keep up the good memories.

  3. AAH, Pal’s Lunch – now part of Pagliuca’s restaurant. What a great place for breakfast and linch. Eddie “Pal” Ianacco was the owner: the short order cook was “Chi Chi” Demartino: and the woman serving coffee, is that Rose Ruggiero the mother of Henry, Ritchie, and Roger.???
    The Christmas decorations, it looks like Sonny Mirabella’s yard on Salem St.

    1. H Uncle:

      That was Sonny’s son Gino talking in the video about the decorations. The place where the kids were playing pool, wasn’t that the old Shaw House in the North Bennett Street School?

        1. This is so great to see the old times. I think I saw Robert LaRocca bagging the grocery for the elderly… Great video. Thank you so much for sharing. Looking forward for part 2 and 3. Great job to everyone that put this video together…

    2. Vito,that is indeed Rose Ruggiero .A lovely woman, the family lived next to the Paul Revere house in NO.Square.This video is priceless for many of us & cant wait for more.

  4. I worked in haymarket when I was a kid back in the 70’s. Corner of North and Blackstone st. I know it isn’t exactly the North End but I’m always hoping and wishing that I can find something. I sold shopping bags in front of my parents restaurant named Sylvia & Charlies. That was under the Italian Coliseum.Thanks

  5. Hey Hey Hey Matt~~~~I was so busy yesterday, that I didn’t pay attention to my Computer !! Of all days !!
    I am thrilled that you found the time to post the Time Capsule~~~it seems to please a lot of Young and older North End People !!! That makes me so happy !!! It has been spreading like Wildfire!!! I didn’t even recognize myself !! So long ago! Seeing my dad and his Lunch Room~~~~WOW !! It is such a Happy Sadness !!! If there is such a feeling? I can’t thank you enough for posting this tape~~for myself, my family, friends, folks that were in the film and those people and places no longer with us !!! Like I ALWAYS SAY~~~~MATT~~~~YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!

  6. Thank you for posting. Many of us didn’t have video cameras back then so this is amazing. Brings you back to a time when everyone knew everyone. A time of no cell phones, instead you often heard your name being screamed out down the streets and if you didn’t hear your mother calling, a friend was always there to tell you that your mother was looking for you. Buildings housed residents that were more like big families. In and out of everyone’s home at all hours was the norm. I could write a book. Great memories. It would be nice to have a North End Family Reunion but in the meantime I hope you keep those videos coming. Thank you for all your hard work!

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