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Notable News: Skatepark Coming, 175 Condos at Lovejoy Wharf, Mike’s Cannoli Rankings, Grocery Store in Downtown

“Growth” is everywhere you look in downtown Boston, from buildings shooting up left and right to large corporations and small businesses popping up all over the area. It is a fast paced time, making it a challenge to keep up with every project and development, let alone the news. That is why you have the notable news post, to keep you updated on every worthwhile news story and article that pertains to the North End / Waterfront! 

Ground Has Broken on the 175-Condo-Unit Building Next to Converse’s HQ

Construction is underway at Lovejoy Wharf for a 155-foot tall building set to squeeze in between the new Converse building at 160 North Washington Street and the TD Garden. Located right along the recently finished section of the Harborwalk, the construction is expected to last well into 2016, BostInno has more on the ground breaking.

Photo by Catherine Carlock, the Boston Business Journal
Photo by Catherine Carlock, the Boston Business Journal

Sneak peek: Tour the new Roche Bros., Downtown Crossing’s first-ever grocery store

With few grocery stores in the area of the North End, a new Roche Bros. grocery store is set to open in Downtown Crossing.  This full-service grocery store will be located in the old Filene’s basement, where customers will take an escalator down to buy, beer, wine, ready-to-eat salads and breakfast on top of all the grocery items. Read more about the 22,000-square-foot grocery store at, Boston Business Journal.

Norman B. Leventhal: Boston legend

In early April, Norman B. Leventhal, a civil leader who was influential at the Boston Harbor, passed away. Leventhal and his family were highly involved with the transformation of the waterfront and his influence on countless inner city youth children, to the point where “The Norman B. Leventhal Walk to the Sea” was made in his honor. Read more about Leventhal and his influence at, The Boston Harbor Association.

Photo courtesy of GuruAmar Khalsa.
Photo courtesy of GuruAmar Khalsa, BDCwire.

All 18 Mike’s Pastry Cannoli, Ranked From Worst to Best

The world famous Mike’s Pastry shop on Hanover Street in the North End is home to 18 cannoli flavors that frequently puts lines out the door. From Hazelnut to Mint Chip, this article ranks all of the 18 flavors to find out which cannoli is the best. So which cannoli came in at the top spot? Find out at BDCwire.

No, really: Charles River skatepark construction has actually started

The potential skatepark that is supposed to be built near the Zakim Bridge has been talked about for quite some time now. The talking is officially over with the construction underway for the Lynch Family Skatepark which will cost $4.5-million and be built under the I-93 ramp in North Point Park. Read more of the article at, UniversalHub.

8 reasons why we forget some historical events

In a world consumed with tabloids, technology, and social media, it can be easy to overlook and appreciate the history that surrounds you. In this article, the author points to 8 specific reasons as to why many people look past history, including historic structures like the Paul Revere House in the North End of Boston. Read the article at, The Boston Globe.

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  1. “Growth is Bursting Out All Over” is Boston’s new theme song. A 155 ft building “SQUEEZED” in between the Converse and the TD Garden ! Well, Cambridge is in ‘construction mode’,especially along Binney Street — most of the time, and they aren’t alone. An architect told me once that empty spaces in cities are becoming rare. I guess I’m being negative. Don’t mean to be.

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