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North End Competitor Moves on in “The Taste” Competition

Jen Royle on “The Taste

North End resident Jen Royle has taken the next step forward competing in ABC Channel 5 “The Taste” show. She moves onto the next segment of the popular food show scheduled for Thursday, January 15 at 8pm.

Her Team Ludo lost their first group challenge of the season last Thursday night during Episide 5 of “The Taste” on ABC, and the french mentor was forced to eliminate a team member.

The three members were asked to state their case to stay, but refused to throw each other under the bus. In the end, Chef Ludo chose Connecticut Fireman Dan Brelsford to go, leaving just Jen and Benjamin to represent Team Ludo. In the solo challenge, Jen made a steak taco with a corn, mango and roasted poblano pepper salsa, and took a huge risk by making the tortilla by hand. The gamble paid off.

Though she didn’t earn a coveted gold star, she didn’t get a red one either. Jen sat right in the middle and earned herself a spot in the semi-finals this week.

ABC’s “The Taste” is broadcast on Thursdays at 8 p.m. or watch the shows online.