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Notable News: Harbor Garage Truce?, Modern Underground, Faneuil Hall Hearing

With so many outlets for news these days, whether it is social media, news apps, online newspapers, or text alerts, it can still be challenging to find every article, which is why we do the work for you: with news and views related to the North End / Waterfront from all different types of sources!

KOHN PEDERSEN FOX ASSOCIATES Donald Chiofaro is proposing a 600-foot complex that he says will bring a “wow” to the waterfront.
Donald Chiofaro is proposing a 600-foot complex that he says will bring a “wow” to the waterfront. Courtesy of Kohn Pedersen, FOX Associates at The Boston Globe

Harbor Garage debate finds common ground?

Although the Harbor Garage was not initially liked by many, the proposal of two mixed-use towers put forth by Don Chiofaro was especially not taken lightly by close residents. In an opinion piece, Paul McMorrow believes that much of the controversy might be simmering down, with potential common ground between mockups from an architect and the BRA. Entailing that they would both replace Chiofaro’s garage with one tower, set back from Long Wharf and the Aquarium, thus creating lots of new public space next to the harbor, along Milk Street. Continue reading at, The Boston Globe.

Modern Underground Bar Opens Below Modern Pastry in Boston’s North End

It was not too long ago that Modern Pastry expanded horizontally on Hanover Street and now it seems like they have expanded beneath the street with their “underground bar.” This is not just any bar, rumor has it that they offer appetizers, burgers, and beer. Read more about “Modern Pastry Underground” at, Boston Restaurant Talk.

JESSICA RINALDI/GLOBE STAFF Pushcarts inside Faneuil Hall marketplace.
Pushcarts inside Faneuil Hall marketplace. Photo by Jessica Rinaldi, The Boston Globe

Landlord’s plans for Faneuil Hall trouble some merchants

The future of the Faneuil Hall Marketplace was discussed at a public hearing, with two perspectives being expressed about the changes and upgrades set to be made to the marketplace. On one hand, the retailers and pushcart vendors were concerned about evictions and their uncertain future. While the landlord said that it intends to evict only a small number of tenants who collectively owe $750,000 in unpaid rent. Read the story at,  The Boston Globe.

Faneuil Hall Marketplace operators pledge to keep most pushcarts, but say offices in one building have to go

While the Pushcart owners in the Faneuil Hall Marketplace remain unconvinced, the general manager of the marketplace said that most of the pushcarts will remain in place. The overall plan is to “spruce up” the area and turn the marketplace into a shopping district that would attract not just tourists, but local residents. Continue reading at, UniversalHub.

Mike’s Pastry

View this extensive collection of photos of Mike’s Pastry, the always popular, world renowned North End bakery. Photos were posted from visitors around the globe, capturing the atmosphere, crowded lines and their favorite treats. View the collection at, Four Square.

ParkWise helps Boston drivers find empty parking spots

Several apps have been launched in hopes of fixing the lack of parking spaces in the crowded streets of Boston. This new app uses technology to mark the place where the rapid motion of a smart phone stops, identifying that location as a parking space. Using GPS to track the speed of smartphones traveling on the same road, when the driver returns to his car and pulls away, the increased speed indicates the car has left its space, which is now available to others.  Read more at, Beta Boston.

First Night Boston Announces Initial Programming Highlights Including Indie Rock Heroes Yo La Tengo Patty Larkin and Dom

Downtown Boston’s annual New Year’s Eve celebration is set to go for the turn into 2015. Music, dance, theatre, visual art, and interactive activities allow the city to celebrate the spirit and communities of Boston while showcasing the business, hospitality and cultural offerings during the holiday season. Read more at the City of Boston.

And you thought you’d gotten that song out of your head

The New England Aquarium made a parody to the popular Disney Movie “Frozen” with the song lyrics being geared towards the features and marine life at the Aquarium. Watch the video posted by, UniversalHub.

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