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Eliot School Students Plant Bulbs in Charter Street Park

City Suites/C.S. Management who maintains the Charter Street Park built in 1984 and have maintained it sends, held a “Bulb-A-Thon Planting” in the Park with fourth-grade students from the Eliot School.

The firm did this ten years ago and is considering making the planting a regular fall event in the future.

Staff drilled holes with electric augers so that the students could plant tulip and daffodil bulbs in the park.

“The students fill the holes with bulbs and next spring they will be able to visit the park and see the bulbs blooming as the result of their efforts,” Andy Constantine of the long-time Hanover Street firm said. “It’s a great way for urban kids to cultivate an appreciation for our city parks.”

Charter Street Park is owned by the City of Boston and is a public area.

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  1. Agreed…it is absolutely necessary for a trash can to be a fixture in that park. There are countless ways to work around the “we don’t want people putting their household trash bags in there” theory. It is a park, trashcans are common fixtures in parks, plain and simple. While there is no excuse for the excessive littering that goes on there, there needs to be a place for the residents and numerous tourists to dispose of their trash.

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