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Public Safety Meeting: Late Night Activity, Crime Stats, Resident Issues [Video]

Without much in the way of violent crime reports, October’s Public Safety meeting focused on community involvement with District A-1 Boston Police, including more proactive handling of late night problems in the North End. Leading the meeting were Neighborhood Council Public Safety Committee Chair David Marx, BPD Captain Kenneth Fong, BPD Sergeant James Chin, BPD Lt. Detective Chuck Wilson and Suffolk University’s Rich Grelish. The meeting was held on October 2, 2014 at the Nazzaro Community Center. View the video above for the full meeting with time marked highlights noted below.

(00:00 in video) Introductions and welcome by BPD District A-1 Captain Kenneth Fong

(01:00) Boston Police District A-1 held a recent overnight walk. Other than a few inebriated pedestrians, the Thursday night walk was relatively quiet. Police stopped at several late night gathering places including Caffe Pompei, Bricco, Artu, Bova’s as well as around the Prado (Paul Revere Mall) and Gassy (DeFilippo Playground). Captain Fong noted that the North End is one of the few Boston neighborhoods with an assigned officer walking the streets in the overnight hours.

Another late night walk is being planned on a weekend night this month.

(13:00) Crime statistics review

There were two aggravated assaults in the last 30 days, both of which were domestic violence incidents. On Endicott St., an incident occurred between a mother, father and nephew where the latter threatened to kill the father. The second case was on Jackson Ave. in an incident between a married couple regarding infidelity. A wooden spoon was used to threaten and an arrest was made.

A break-in was reported on North Street that was most likely perpetuated by other tenants within the building.

Two auto thefts occurred in September. One vehicle was left running and the other had the key in it.  Four car break-ins were also reported in the month. Police emphasized residents should secure their vehicles and remove valuables.

There were 2 larcenies at restaurants where unattended handbags were stolen. A series of larcenies were also reported at the Fulton St. rehab center and nursing home where dirty linens were taken.

A drug arrest was reported outside CVS on Hanover Street. Police recovered a large quantity of prescription drugs in a car waiting outside reported by employees.

(23:30) Arrests

There were seven arrests made during September in the North End / Waterfront area, including the drug and domestic violence incidents noted above. Four arrests were also made for trespassing after hours in the Gassy (DeFilippo Park).

(31:20) Resident Open Comments

  • Residents raised concerns about street noise between 2am-4am when the clubs let out.
  • Tia’s new roofdeck request was discussed.
  • Reports of hazardous cargo trucks going through the North End Waterfront during the prohibited daytime hours (6am-8pm). Residents can report hazmat truck sightings to james.chin@pd.boston.gov who will notify the vehicle enforcement unit.

The next North End Public Safety Meeting is scheduled for Thursday, November 6, 2014, 6:30 pm at the Nazzaro Center (30 N. Bennet St.) All are welcome to attend.



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  1. DAVID MARX, Yes I did say let us get the State Police involved because the Boston Police has had.
    over 20 yrs. to try & correct the problems in the No. End, and I was informed by one of The Police.
    Officers at the Meeting last night that they need the Boston Police in other parts of the City.
    where there are much more serious crimes, therefore, if there is a shortage of Boston Police,
    then let us rely on the State Police to fill the gap. I know Chelsea has a much higher crime.
    rate than the No. End, but ” 1 ” Cop cannot handle the No. End & over 100 establishments.
    in the Area, as small as the NO. END is. The State Police to my knowledge are doing a great.
    job in the Seaport Area, which happens to be part of the City of Boston, and if you recall Mayor.
    Menino wanted Boston Police down the Seaport and I guess they didn’t win. I think over 20 years.
    is a long time to be fighting Neighborhood issues and they got a lot worse over time, and I think.
    a lot of Neighborhood Residents will attest to this.

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