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Parcel 11A and Tunnel Administration Building Proposal Concerns

MassDOT’s intentions to release their Request For Proposals (RFP’s) on two properties in the North End was discussed at the Nazzaro Community Center on Wednesday night. One of the RFP’s that was up for discussion was Parcel 11A, located on the Corner of Hanover and Cross Streets. The other RFP being discussed was the parcel at 128 North Street, also known as the Tunnel Administration Building. Each of the two locations will have their own individual RFP, the objective of the meeting was to gather community feedback from interested developers and residents and to see what the community is seeking from the proposals. Depending on feedback, the RFP’s are planned to be released in about a month. If leased, the duration of the lease will be for 99 years.

Due to the particular location of Parcel 11A, it poses several challenges as to whether the plaza area can be developed. Is it plausible to develop over the top of the tunnel ramps and can the retaining walls support the load of the building? If not, can building supports be placed between ramps on the highway? Additional complications include major utilities approximately 30 feet beneath street level. This will alleviate the request for additional foundational support to be placed. The proposal will also need to abide by a height restriction of 55 feet, per city of Boston zoning law.

The Tunnel Administration Building located at Parcel 128 North Street, on the corner of North and Cross Streets, will separately be offered for a 99 year lease. The building consists of three stories, some large rooms on each floor with some smaller offices, along with a foyer on the ground floor. As for the parking below the building, it will be reserved for MassDOT uses and will no longer specifically be reserved for the Rose Kennedy Greenway.

Pictured Below: The dotted line area in front of 128 North Street is a permanent easement that will not be included in the lease, will allow foot traffic.

[Pictured] The dotted line area in front of 128 North Street is a pertinent easement in the lease and would be allowed for use of foot traffic and it will not be included in the lease.
A birds-eye-view of the two parcels
A closer look at what the RFP for will entail.
A closer look at what the RFP for 128 North Street will entail.

Questions, comments and concerns were open to the audience:

  • Will covering the “tunnel” area of Parcel 11A effect the ventilation within the tunnel?
  • Concerns that there were too many unanswered questions in regards to potential building restrictions.
  • Concerns over the Tony DeMarco statue being moved.
    • (The notion of the statue being moved is a possibility)
  • Developers wanted accurate measurement of the sizes of the parcels.
  • Why shouldn’t the North Bennett Street school to get the building at 128 North Street?
  • Has there ever been a structure on Parcel 11A?
    • (Yes according to local residents who were in attendance, there used to be a police station at that location)
  • Could the parcel be broken up, allowing the owner to rent/lease certain parts of the parcel under their ownership?
  • Could the North End have a civic center/community center?
  • Whether or not the outside seating at Mother Anna’s Restaurant could be preserved?
    • (Mother Annas is under license, not lease, and outside seating is certainly at risk.)

Questions, concerns or additional feedback, can be forwarded to John Romano, at, John.Romano@state.ma.us

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