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Painting 460 Commercial Street in Boston’s North End

Artist and North End resident, Michael Dean, shares this image of a recent commissioned painting of 460 Commercial Street in Boston’s North End. He describes it as “the looming 1880’s vintage brick building that’s prominently displayed on the edge of the North End as well as in the composition.”

Current resident of the property, Nolan Previte, found Michael through his flickr site and asked for this 24″ x 36″ oil-on-canvas painting of his house, at mid-morning in Spring with the spires of the Old North Church rising up above the end of Henchman Street. The artist explains the flow of the painting:

“The Waterfront Cafe sign leads into the picture, and the various pedestrians keep the eyes moving, circling around the entrance of the primary focus, as well as up the hill to the church. When I delivered the painting, I was lucky enough to be invited all the way upstairs to the big family room/kitchen room on top, and then to the rooftop-covering patio, where the magic happens! The great views of the surrounding area and especially the history on display up there are perhaps unusual in other parts of the country, but not in the North End, and certainly not from the top of 460 Commercial Street!”

Shown below is the painting with Nolan flanked by his wife, Jenelle, and eight year-old daughter, Liliana. The couple’s sons, William and Aidan, who are younger and even more energetic, were too busy wrassling at the time of the photo, adds Michael. “The family was super nice and loads of fun!”

See more of Michael Dean’s original artwork at his flickr site. Contact the artist at michaeldeanart@gmail.com to see about your own painting commission!

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