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Mini-Painting of Mike’s Pastry

This is a 7″X5″ mini re-paint of a 20″X16″ painting I did from a photo I took a few years ago. The large painting sold, but it’s also been a popular matted print and a popular note card image for me.

It shows a ‘working guy’ walking through the wooden doors of Mike’s as the sun starts to fall in the sky, and the Hanover Street traffic is reflected in the big plate glass windows. Work is over for today – it’s time for a dolce!

He’s in search of some Italian pastry, and he’s the only one going in at the moment – plenty of people have never seen such a circumstance at the entrance of Mike’s! It’s certainly rare, but it can be seen if it’s the right season and the right time of day. (I think this was October, at about 4pm.)

The warm sunlight produces cool, raking shadows in the early fall evening, and the low angle of the setting sun throws rooftop shadows around the windows in the upper right corner of the background.

The thickly applied oil paint and the glossy varnish makes this little canvas a sort of jewel that focuses attention into a small space, and perhaps reminds the viewer of a time or two when they also were “Going for Some Pastry at Mike’s”.

Michael can be reached at See more of his paintings on Etsy.

One Reply to “Mini-Painting of Mike’s Pastry

  1. I think this painting is a very flattering picture of Mike’s Pastry, but I can’t stress enough about
    the actual background of this Pastry Store.

    This Empire was built on the Blood, Sweat and Tears of Mike’s Mother, Father, 1st Wife Dora,
    Children, Mike,Jr., Diane and Phyllis and his Brother Ralph and Sister Rosalie.

    Mike’s 2 children Mike, Jr. and Phyllis are deceased and the only one left is Mike’s Daughter, Diane.

    This entire situation is one of the biggest night mares any family can endure.

    May God Bless the remaining family who spent their lives building this Empire, referred to as
    Mike’s Pastry, only those of us who were around in those days know the true story.

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