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Covering the Ramps on the Greenway [Video]

Design solutions and engineering challenges for covering the highway ramps on the Greenway were presented at Tuesday night’s public meeting at Boston City Hall hosted by MassDOT and the Boston Redevelopment Authority. As part of the Central Artery (Big Dig) project, the State is required to cover the ramps that enter and exit the tunnels.

Option B for Parcel 12 includes ramp walkways to an elevated center observation area (MassDOT image)

There are three parcels under discussion:

  1. Parcel 18 – Across from Rowes Wharf in the Wharf District
  2. Parcel 12 – Between the North End (near Fulton St.) and Quincy Market
  3. Parcel 6 – At the Northern end of the Greenway between Endicott Street and Haymarket

The goal of this study is to determine what type of cover is appropriate for each of the three ramp parcels. Consultants presented several general concepts for each of the ramp parcels including screening, ramp covers and building configurations. Enhancing pedestrian access along the Greenway was highlighted as a priority.

Among the most interesting options presented for Parcels 12 and 6 were elevated pedestrian walkways that cover the ramps and provide above ground (~15′ high) observation areas. The ramp covers and high decks could be designed to be similar to sections of the popular High Line park in Manhattan. An interactive walkthrough of the ramp walkways was shown at the meeting (see 58:00 in the video).

For Parcel 18, an additional option was discussed of leaving the ramps uncovered and simply surrounded by the greenery already in place.

The next meetings are scheduled for October 29, 2014 and January 8, 2015 at 6pm on the 9th Floor of Boston City Hall. Comments and questions can be forwarded at any time to: John Romano, Legislative Liaison, MassDOT, email: or Lauren N. Shurtleff, Senior Planner, BRA email:

View the above video for the full presentation and discussion at the meeting. More information about the project can be found at the Greenway Ramp Parcel Study planning page.

Ramp Parcels 18, 12 and 6 on the Greenway (MassDOT Image)