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Secretary Seat Open on Board for Friends of the North End Library

The Friends of the North End Branch Library


It is Board elections time at the Friends of the North End Branch Library and we need YOU!

Do you have a bit of time to spare?

Do you love our local library branch and all it has to offer?

Do you have a specific strength that we could use in our group (could be days/nights/weekends)?

Election Details

Board meeting commitments are only 1 hour a month (Second Wednesday of the month at 6:30 pm)!!

For more information email or call (617) 347-2238.

Board elections will be held Wednesday, October 8th at 6:30 pm at the library.

Our Webpage

(Current position unfilled – Secretary)

Basic job descriptions:

President – The President shall have responsibility for establishing a forward direction for the future of The Friends.

Vice President – The Vice President shall have primary responsibility for the coordination, fulfillment and sustainability of formally recognized Ad Hoc Committees.

Secretary – The Secretary shall record all proceedings of meeting of the Members, and the Board, in physical or electronic format, to be kept therefore as a Record. The Secretary shall provide regular reporting of the business of those proceedings in subsequent Meetings so as to provide a continuity of process to the Organization.  The secretary will draft copy for the monthly newsletter.

Treasurer – The Treasurer is responsible for the investment, accountability and disbursement of The Friends funds. The Treasurer shall maintain control of all The Friends funds, accounts, and investments. The Treasurer shall be responsible for collecting all dues and other funds for the Organization, making bank deposits, and disbursing funds.

We look forward to hearing from any good person willing to nominate themselves for the Secretary position.

Please do not hesitate to email or call (617) 347-2238.