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Funeral Home Challenge: We Have a Winner!

1934 North End in front of Prince Street funeral parlor (Photo courtesy of Nick Dello Russo)

Following up on the contest started by Nick Dello Russo, we have a winner for remembering the most funeral homes in the North End. We received over a dozen serious entries with answers. Nick has graciously offered a gift card to Caffe Paradiso for the winner.

Congratulations to Arthur A. Lauretano (Sonny) who identified 12 funeral homes!

1: DelloRusso – Prince Street.
2: DelloRusso – Hanover Street
3: Langone – Hanover Street
4: Langone – Merrimack Street later Commercial Street.
5: Porcella – North Benett Street.
6: Guarente – Hanover Street.
7: Semenza – North Street.
8: John Cincotti – Cooper Street.
9: Ciro Cincotti – North Square.
10: Cataldo – Prince Street.
11: Russo – Fleet Street.
12: There was a funeral home at the corner of North Washington Street and Endicott Street right next to the present parking lot. I believe it was Dello Russo’s funeral home but not certain. It was converted to a residence by the Bruno family.

Close runners-up were Pattie Bono, Gigi Repucci, Patricia Romano and Victor Passacantilli. Thank you to everyone who participated.

Nick adds an anecdote to the story from his cousin, Fred:

Many years ago Carmen (Minnie) DeLuca was living on Prince St. above where Cataldo had his funeral home. Minnie was best friends with my uncle Fred and was young Fred’s godfather. When Minnie got word that one of his parents had died he ran home only to find old man Cataldo taking away the body. Well, the job had to go to Fred so an argument ensued. Minnie was as tough as they come and he punched Mr. Cataldo so hard he knocked out an eye and the poor guy had to wear a glass replacement for the rest of his life. Funerals were serious business in the North End.

For the full story, see Remembering the North End Funeral Parlours.

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